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  1. I can confirm, just opened the game, thank you! My first impressions are very positive, game is very fast even with multiple leagues added. I think Stadia is a good option if you have an old computer and/or if you want to play on mobility, i.e. for me having the opportunity to resume the game on the Chromebook I'm using at work is a no brainer, it beats the missing customization, name fixes, etc.
  2. It looks that hotfix 20.1.3 has not been applied to the Stadia version yet, I've just started a new game and the majority of young players still have a very low determination. This is a big drawback as Stadia players are totally dependent by SI and Google to use the patched version, ideally it should be the first platform to receive updates. When can we expect to have 20.1.3 applied?
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