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  1. Mate, when you are the embodiment of the tactics truck, 53 attempts at goal in 1 game is a drop in the ocean.
  2. Board Confidence Summary A tedious set of results Match Stats from the recent dismal 6-0 humping of Granada (In)action zones from the dreary 6-0 demolition of Granada A boring visual representation of the 53 attempts on goal my team had against Granada So, General Discussion, what's going wrong here?
  3. There aren't enough options that cover suitable reasoning as to why you could accept or reject an offer. Most of the time I cannot offer the bidding club a reason for rejection. For instance, should I receive two loan offers, from clubs of differing stature and division, for a youngster, I want to be able to inform the rejected team that they were too low of stature for the player. Or that the division they play in is not suited to the developmental needs of the player. Or that I have received an offer from a team in a higher division, which is more suited to the player's development stage. I will list more reasons that should be included latter, but I'll leave this out there now if anyone has any good ideas that they could contribute. Happy new year.
  4. Why take away Young's excellent delivery when it's clearly going to be needed for the last 10?
  5. Managed 10 years with Arsenal on FM08, which is my longest by a considerable margin.
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