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  1. Hello, I think the translation in French is not correct because it says that the player is willing to sign a new contract but he has just signed it as it is written in the English version
  2. thanks for your skin and thanks for the version 1.3, this is why i came here.
  3. I disabled the use of controler following the steps given by Neil, re start FM and the issue is gone. So thank you very much Neil.
  4. Hello, When i opeened the game today, immediatly noticed that my mouse is moving alone. Tried in other games, it is ok. Tried to restart the computer, quit the game and re open, didn't help. Tried to change the mouse, didn't solve the problem. Apparently, it is only when i play FM that the mouse is moving by itself. I'm using Win10, logitech mouse Thanks for any help
  5. Correct me if i'm wrong but when game will be released, no changelist will be available
  6. I think it's because there were no update for the database, so it remains 1800
  7. I will wait for features announcement before i pre order the game
  8. No editor with the beta Correct me if i'm wrong but editor has never been available during beta And Miles confirmed it won't be
  9. may be i don't understand enough, but looks like it will be changed
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