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  1. Just stick in your tactics folder...in the sports interactive in my documents......
  2. Well i played with this Tactic with 1 year and got to the premiership from the championship with hartlepool.Making 3 Promotions in 4 Years for me:P
  3. This tactic is nothing like before??? Well seeing as though it is based on that...its quite hard to believe that... I find its better... To anybody that is in doubt of this tactic... Thats is with a Hartlepool team expected to finish Mid-Table...Im in my 4th season and had promotion 2 tims in a row...Championship was quite a challenge and i finished 9th the next season
  4. ROFL..good work mate... I remember my 11-0 win...midfielder on debut scored 3...played a season and didnt score again.rofl Anyway glad to see the "new" version coming on... Keep it up!
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