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  1. Have I understood it correctly that you can only take a look at the beta to see if the game is worth buying if you have pre-ordered it?
  2. I'd like to see two changes. 1. The abolishing of the various camera angles on match days. As a manager I have two choices. Either I'm stood or sat in my pitch-side coaching zone, or I can sit in the stands. All other angles should only be available when re-watching the game for analysis. 2. I'd like to be actually able to take training. With that I mean that my tactics screen should be shown next to the training pitch. For example, we train attacking corners for 45 minutes, I can adjust my tactics and observe how they are put into practice. When I'm happy, I save them basically sayi
  3. So, hopefully also being able to test the beta before committing to the full version.
  4. This is actually one of the most positive things for me. Question is whether this allows people in Germany to now buy the game via Steam?
  5. No worries. Was a bit annoying because I was on a really good run when the game crashed Hope you can solve the problem.
  6. Uploaded as edwingray_crashdump_setforrelease_FM2015v15.2.1.585343 (2014.12.22 21.59.56)
  7. Just uploading the save game under edwingray_crashdump_setforrelease
  8. Ok, Problem has returned at a later date in the game (28th February). I deleted cache and preferences, verified the game cache, restarted the game and did the bit changing from GPU to software. It still happens. (Deleting preferences did though mend another minor problem I had been having, i.e. when loading the game, not being able to see all the starting screens). What now? Save game and crash dump log?
  9. Unfortunately the save game was automatically written over. I'll test it when I get the same screen in the future.
  10. Yes I have, but I have no idea what you are trying to tell me.
  11. I had two situations. In the first I accidentally put all my first team squad in the reserves and 5-6 were pretty annoyed. I apologised and everything was ok. In the second I went on holiday as I was trying to recreate a crash dump and my assistant really annoyed a player, so the squad is now divided. Had a team meeting and gave out a couple of reassurances and things seem to have quietened down now.
  12. Received a message that a player's contract was due to expire in 6 months. Clicked the "set for release" button and the game crashed. Has done this three times now from the same save game. Was able to continue the game by ignoring the message. Save game and crash dump log are available, in case the problem hasn't been registered. Edit to add Latest update installed Always the same date. 29th November 2014
  13. I understand that Germany has the licensing rights, hence the greyed out German players, but how on earth do they have the right to stop a product from being sold in what I apparently mistakenly thought was the common European market?
  14. I've lived in Germany for over thirty years. My Steam account was set up here from a German IP-address. I bought the game via PLAY and registered the game via Steam. Was no problem.
  15. One thing I found interesting is at 22:22 in the video. The career profile of Don Biggins - i.e. that he has a full career profile as reserve coach, assistant manager and manager of Colchester. I had to google this, but Don Biggins doesn't seem to be a "real" person from the world of football. This implies to me that we finally get a past career in the game? Or am I missing something?
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