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  1. @knap thanks, still those look slightly different from the one on the screenshot, none of those 2 has this HB-BBM-AP setup. Can it be found somewhere?
  2. @knap I meant what's the ID or the full name? I'm looking for that specific variation of HB-BBM-AP on the midfield (and IF-W), can't find it on google docs so far sadly.
  3. Any weird strikerless tactics knap? Not looking for something to overachive but simply to have fun with. Or maybe some really unorthodox (meta-wise) shape etc.
  4. 4231 seems to be working fine with the top side against everything but the other top sides, since they are way too clinical and can easily punish the leaky defence.
  5. Any updates needed for WULF 4231? After a couple of games with a new patch it seems that it leaks way too many goals now.
  6. I use Fabinho as a RB and I love him there. Speaking of 1st window transfers - I've sold Lovren and got Ajer instead (a bit slow but otherwise well-rounded), got Bruno Fernandes and also negotiated with the board to get me a Jamal Lewis as a sub for Robertson. Lewis was a mistake - 70m USD for him is a bit of overreaction I think. At least he performs somewhat well despite being rated at 2 stars. For the summer window I'll try to get Eriksen for free as Lallana replacement, won't renew Milner unless he'll accept a wage below 100k.
  7. 90 points from this kinda average side (MU) is not so bad I think. How many goals were scored from penalties?
  8. I have an insane amount of penalties it's ridiculous. 7 penalties in 1 game - 6 missed. All misses by Harry Kane by the way, poor lad. There's something wrong with ME, this can't be right.
  9. AML/AMR are indeed interesting to me, anything that have attacking midfielders really - the more, the better!
  10. Depends on a formation/roles, if it's something interesting, I'd like to try it too
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