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  1. Will this work with somewhat slow IWB's? Think Tottenham with Ben Davies/Aurier.
  2. Can you send me this one buddy? I'd test it with Liverpool. Edit: nvm found the link.
  3. Hello, what's the exact release time tomorrow? Will it be like 00-00 GMT? Or standart Steam release time (Somewhere around 3-4PM GMT I guess?), Thank you.
  4. NyanOverlord

    [ENGLAND] (Official) West Ham United Data Issues

    Will we see David Moyes in West Ham on release?
  5. Well this is uncomfortable. At least for me - what if I accidentally hover over this button? It would be great if you could make an option to disable such behaviour? Kinda weird to have only one button like this.
  6. NyanOverlord

    2D improvements

    Can we have an option to remove ad-banners in 2D view?
  7. Looks like there isn't an option to use 2D only view in matches (as it were in previous installments of FM). Can we please have this option, please? Been playing FM since '05 and I've never liked 3D engine. I just prefer to play in 2D. Edit: by "2D-only" I mean no pre-match warm-up screens, no stadium view during half-time etc. Just like it was before.
  8. NyanOverlord

    2D improvements

    You should also consider doing something abouth the pitch itself (in 2D). It's too bright.
  9. I can add that I was able to play FM yesterday, after 16.3 update arrived. I recieved message from Steam today in the morning. I don't think that Mac/Windows is a problem. FM16 is a part of SteamPlay.
  10. So, I have an issue with my copy of Football Manager 2016. I've preordered this version on one of local Russian websites ; price was only a little lower that Steam one, so I thought that seller is ok, plus he had good reputation. However, today I logged in Steam and received message that my key is no longer valid and game is deleted from my account. I was told to contact with that seller, but I can't reach him anymore. I just lost my game, that's it? It is extremely hard and almost impossible to receive refund from that website, since seller is no longer available. I'm not sure that I should post about this problem here, but I'm just wondering, is anyone else having this problem? Again, sorry if this is not the place to post about stuff like this; I already filed my ticket to Steam.
  11. Which one should I try with Tottenham? Thank you.