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  1. I only use it against the top tier EPL teams. I beat Man U 1-0, which got Van Gaal fired so I consider that a double victory. I also used it against Man City for a 0-0 draw. I think I am on the verge of being fired though in early Nov of 1st season. 2 straight injury time losses and a crushing 4-0 home defeat to Dnipro in Europa League. I am currrently in 3rd place in a very easy group and 12th in the league. Emre Can is being his usual pain in the ass in-game, causing locker room trouble. This is my 3rd restart and he has caused issues early in each season which doesn't seem to be his real-life demeanor. Overall, my tactics seem to be the biggest trouble. I'm not sure why it takes 4 months to get a team to Competent in a style they should be able to play in their sleep. This has been the most frustrating part of the game.
  2. I've been using the 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-4-1 as well and have been having much better success. The low point was Hendo coming back from injury and then tearing a calf muscle in training without playing a single match. He's now out for 3-4 additional months.
  3. Looking forward to following this. I also play as Liverpool but have really struggled to be successful.
  4. So far I really like the game. I skipped FM 15 after reading not much changed with the engine. This release has really nice game play. So far, playing Liverpool, I have had two issues. First was starting the season with EIGHT players injured. Not sure if this was an anomaly or what. The other one is a bit bigger and that is the tactics screen. The game style selections are pretty awesome. The player selection couldn't be worse. Hopefully someone comes to their senses and fixes it.
  5. I would just like the Scouting to be totally redone. It would be very helpful and a lot more realistic to be able to tell your scouting team to look for specific positions or attributes.
  6. I was thinking more of the team instructions, that can make a big difference. I will play with it on a separate save to see how things work out. Love the setup and have it as my 2nd tactic with Liverpool.
  7. I sign in and out of Twitter just fine. I checked the Firewall and made sure that for FM 2014 both Home/Work and Public boxes were checked. I still get the same "Incorrect account details" message. This drives me nuts....
  8. I have not been able to successfully use the Twitter link within the game for FM 2013 or FM 2014. I have tried my Twitter handle both plain text and with the "@" in front of it as well. After I enter my password I get a message saying the information is entered incorrectly. I KNOW this cannot be correct and have verified my Twitter sign in and password several times. Has anyone else had similar problems? Anyone have a suggestion for me to try? I appreciate any help with this problem.
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