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  1. I play arsenal and use v2 ONLY on away games against teams with strong midfields, the tactic IMO is not very good for performances but does give good results. I mostly use V1 (home) and V1.1 (away against big teams mostly) Another factor is morale and how good you are at getting the best out of your players. I have sussed my team and i know how to get the best out of my players. At the moment i am in season 2 with Arsenal and here are the stats... League wins = 1 Cup wins = 6 Games played = 94 Games won = 80 Games drawn = 12 Games lost = 2 Goals scored = 270 (2.9)p/m Goals conceded = 64 (0.7)p/m The 2 games lost were "unimportant games" and fielded youth players My captain is Gallas My suggestion to you would be to use V1.1 for most of your away games and if the AI is attacking, push up your defence 14 clicks and tick the offside trap. Team talks are vital but it takes practice and you need to note the effects of what you say to players because all games are different so you need to know the right thing to say at the right time. But the key really IMO is keeping your players motivated....
  2. another thing i may add is if you play with a deep defensive line, put a barrow on your DMC to pick up the ball from the defenders. Or if your defending hevily then put him into the DMC position. I allways set the passing for the defenders to match their attributes and check the stats screen to see to see their pass attempt and pass completed ratio and adjust accordingly
  3. i didnt use v2 i jumped from v1 to v3 im playing arsenal and the fixture was away to reading and decided to try something to throw the AI off i unticked target man before going into the match then at the pre match screen i changed focus passing to mixed, removed the barrows from my wingbacks and started the match. The match started dull and was boring then reading changed to a 4-2-4 after 20 mins so i ticked target man put barrows on the wingbacks set my striker to free role upped the tempo to quick set my target man's mentality from normal to attacking and hey presto i totally dominated and banged in 3 on the trot! I made some adjustments at half time which were set the tempo back to slow changed target man supply to mixed passing to both flanks moved defence line to normal lowered the farrows on the two ML-MR to half at 70 mins made subs then changed; Target mans mentality to normal removed farrows for ML-MR unticked counter attack unticked freerole for striker put left arrow on striker focused passing down the left So far in doing this iv played 7 won 5 draw 2 (chelsea away, werder breman away) scored 18 conceded 3 bearing in mind im rotating my players as i like to give the young ones a chance. but i do find doing this really throws the opposition off really well and im now getting allot more possesion and goal scoring opportunities
  4. question does anyone use a playmaker with this tactic also do you leave counter attack on allways?
  5. Anyone looking for a target man for this tactic then look no further than werder bremen's german striker, Miroslav Klose. you will no doubt kill any team if you can afford him he's not cheap about 23 mil but worth every penny for this tactic heading 20 finishing 19 aggression 17 off the ball 18 acceleration 18 jumping 20 pace 16
  6. i would just like to say fuss, i have been using version 3 of this tactic with arsenal as my season was not going as well as i liked and its great its also a joy to watch very impressive well done
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