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  1. Hp laptop with AMD RYZEN 5 3500U @2.1GHz and Radeon Vega 8 GPU Or Dell laptop with intel i5 10210U @1.6Ghz and Intel UHD Graphics GPU?? Same money (about 550euros) I need a fast suggestion please
  2. So guys i am actually betwen 2 laptops. That which i mentioned before which has the following specs : Dell laptop Cpu : Intel core i5 10210U @1.6Ghz Ram : 8GB DDR4 Gpu : Intel UHD Graphics SSD 256 GB. And in another one with the following : HP Laptop CPU : AMD RYZEN 7 3700U @2.3Ghz GPU : AMD RADEON VEGA 10 RAM : 16GB SSD 512GB I am usually runing FM with 10-12 leagues with half of them on view only. I also use many graphics (full cut out facepack, kits, logos) and i am using ingame skin. The budget
  3. My budget is about 500€ and thats the offer for this laptop. (currently it costs 1000€ without offers) Was searching for a Dell gaming G5 series but they are out of stock for now. But it is i5 and 1.6 is the base speed which means it can go further more. Would it really be a bad buy?? What u mean with TDP? I want it to play FM as the main reason
  4. Hello guys, i am thinking of buying a new laptop and i find a good offer for a Dell Vostro with those specs : Cpu : Intel core i5 10210U @1.6Ghz Ram : 8GB DDR4 Gpu : Intel UHD Graphics SSD 256 GB. I am usually ruining FM with 10-12 leagues with half of them on view only. I also use many graphics (full cut out facepack, kits, logos) and i am using ingame skin. Will it gonna be ok for FM21?? I wanna enjoy the game cause in previous managers i was using old pc\laptop and the processing was really slow. I wanna know about your oppinion. Thanks in
  5. Started a save with Sporting seems really interesting. Had a good 1st season placed 2nd in the league and knocked out at 16 EL from Marseille Had a lot work to do in the transfer window as many loan players return , so we had many sales and our balance at the start of September is 100M(!!) Sold Rafinha at the last day of the transfer window . Didnt really want to sell cause he had an excellent season and developed really good beeing in the top15 Wingers in game (with many personal traits too) but Dortmund came with an impressive offer of 48M(rising to 62M with bonuses) and i decided to s
  6. Had an amazing 2nd season braking almost all of the club's records having scored 142 goals (!!!!!) with both my Forwards Lukaku and Rashford having 40+ goals !! We didnt managed to win the title though having 99pts(!!!) with Liverpool beeing the perfect team having 100 points !! A very tough battle untill the last match of the season !! I really enjoyed this battle and this season despite the fact that we didnt go so well in CL reaching only the QF . No words to describe the feelings !!
  7. Started a last FM19 save with Man United in order to try my favourite 4-4-2 with a big team Seems its going pretty well with 2 Forwards(Lukaku , Rashford) and 2 Wingers playing as IW(A) (Bernarderschi , Martial) having a really good season till now which i didnt expect . Rashford is really a killer playing up top , we get many goals from those 4 men and it seems to be a hard battle to win th PL cause Liverpool seems pretty strong too
  8. Is that counted as a tycoon takeover ??
  9. I decided to bring Deulofeu in January because i sent Campbell back to Arsenal so i'd rotate him with Joaquin at the right wing Unfortunately Joaquin got a big injury with about 1-2 months out (he also accepted a contract form a chinese team with 4M per year (!!) , unfortunately a bad ending with our legend who gave almost everything at his 36 years old in the first 6 months . Deulofeu enjoys a good start and we are keepin the dream alive still beeing 1st in the table . Barcelona has a terrible season though with only 38 goals For while we got 54 (!) . and yeah Betis got a pretty go
  10. 1st time managed to get 100% confidence from the board in a game !! We re doin a great start with Real Betis and i cant really believe how we re going so good in our 1st season (!) I hope for our form to continue and i think that my main target must be an EuropaLeague place because there is a lot football to be played . Our 4 players in front are really immpresive especially Sergio Leon as a ST havin 11 Goals in 11 Matches , beeing 1st in LaLiga scorrers and Joaquin been great as a right winger at his 36 years old !! Let's go Betis !! Seems a very interesting save Edit :I dont kno
  11. I think that i will have a small transfer budget because our finances are bad as you can see , but i think that i may bring some money from sales . I plan to Sell Bacca , Bertolacci , Lapadula (about 30-40 M for all i think ) Also i could sell Ricardo Rodriguez to ManU If they make a good offer , because i think Alex Telles can be a first team player (he made a really good 1st season) and i also plan to sell Roberto Rosales , i bought him for 8M and his value is 28M right now (he made a superb 1st season though but i have Calabria and Conti also there ) I have already signed Lucas To
  12. We managed to win all our last 4 matches , lifting Europa League and Italian Cup , but unfortunately Juve also won last 2 matches so we lost the tittle because of the results between us (lost both) , or u could say the loss from Inter at 30/4 (35th fixture) was really painfull .. Whatever i am very pleased from my team and especially our deffence . We conceede a goal really really hard and only from big teams . Lets move on to our 2nd season .
  13. And also here are The SS of our great prospects , and with our great staff setup they did an immpresive improvement from the first season Donnarumma really looks like a monster at his 19 with great attributes
  14. I am playing with AC Milan right now , pretty interesting save , did kinda many changes in the first transfer window with only Lautaro coming in the winter transfer window . We are doing pretty well and after a gift from Roma we could go for a Tremble here ( Serie A too difficult though cause Juve must loose at least 1 point in their last 2 matches Crotone(A) , Atalanta(H) , and i should win both) . Our Deffence worked pretty well with only 20 Goals Conceeded in Serie A , while Donnarumma have 35 Clean sheats in his 55 matches so far Our Attack also worked pretty well while using very big
  15. Rudy Gestede from Middlesbrough seems a very good Target Man for Championship . I Had him in my Wolves save and he had a very good season with many goals and assists
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