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  1. I'm still enjoying the game and I really like the new tactics screen and the wealth of tactical options available. I also watch all of my matches on full detail and it's satisfying to see any tactical changes actually making a difference. The problem - and I know this has been said a million times - is the amount of goals and shots, not just games involving my team. I'm a few weeks into the first season and Liverpool have already beaten Manchester United 7-5. There are results like this every single week, in all countries and all divisions. I find that I'm having to play very negatively just to keep the score and shots down in my own matches in order to inject a bit of realism into proceedings. It feels a little bit like playing strategy games on my old Spectrum or Amiga and having to tweak what I'm doing all the time just to keep it real whilst turning a blind eye to some of the more ludicrous aspects. It's a shame as otherwise I think the game is great!
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