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  1. @knap Black Echo seems to have done the trick. Couple of games for the players to adjust, but it's really turned my season around. 1-0 Loss at Burnley was me going back to my old tactic. Changed it back and...well as you can see, things are going well. I might even make a late(ish) claim for the PL title for the second season running.
  2. @knap I found them mate, cheers. Turns out simply scrolling down seems to do the trick!!!
  3. @knap thanks mate, will give them a go. EDITED - My Brain hurts and can't find the ones you recommended. Don't suppose you have the ID numbers to hand?
  4. @knap Yeah I used Parisienne Walkway for a couple of games - Scraped a 1-0 win at home to Soton and lost 2-1 at Preston. I'll give 4411 a go. Use your google docs to find one that'll suit?
  5. Hi all, Need a bit of advice if I may. 5th season with Villa. Won the Premier League and Champions League last season, which is about 3-4 seasons earlier than I expected! I've also listed the UEFA Cup during my reign. TeaForOneVOL34321OXTHp98CC has served me grand for 3 seasons now. Below is my team, squad and overall happiness which I think is pretty good. This season I appear to be struggling massively, and can't put my finger on. lost 3 out of 5 league games and really struggling to put chances away. I've got some cracking players who ripped teams apart last season, with most being there for 2+ years. Transfer market this summer was focused on youth as my intake is pretty poor season by season. Only players i sold that were an influence were McGinn and Rahman, but still a good core of players remained for the hierarchy of the squad. Any tips or ideas from you fine FM players? Just can't seem to get a tune out of them this season at all.
  6. That's the tactic I'm using in my Villa save. Finished 5th in my second season. Currently 4th with 1 game to go. Was in the hunt for the Prem final, but lost my last 2. I am in the UEFA Cup final as well though. Solid tactic
  7. Interesting stuff. Your tweaks may...just may work with my stumbling Villa side. Is this with the current ME?
  8. Anyone got any suggestions for playing away from home? I use Parisienne Walkway WSSVol2-4231. Finished 12th with my Villa side which was ok(ish). At home I was overall 5th in the table, Away I was 19th lol. Only won twice on the road and tried all manner of things... Dropped offside trap Played Cautious/Balance/Mixture depending on game/opposition. I have the SUS all sorted I just can't seem to do anything decent away from Villa Park. Also, anyone finding it really frustrating that as soon as you score, you tend to concede a goal almost immediately! Maybe it's just my average Villa side and their concentration span of a potato.
  9. @knap thanks mate. Excuse my ignorance - are these available on your google sheet of tactics?
  10. Hi @knap Not one to normally post such things but really struggling with my Villa side! Still in the first season and struggling for goals and getting Grealish and McGinn to perform! Any recommendations for tactics to use? I'm on the updated ME.
  11. Star, cheers mate. I'm on the latest DB update so will look for a 20.4 alternative and play around with it.
  12. That's impressive. As a Villa fan I rarely play as any other team as it doesn't feel right! I find it incredibly difficult in FM20 with the squad they have, so thumbs up mate. I may have to give that tactic a go. How are you doing overall?
  13. Hats off to you mate. As a life long Villa fan myself, I feel the pain and heart ache you've endured. I've tried what must be 6 Villa saves and struggle on every one. Was going to give it another go when the transfer patch hits and I have some spare time on my hands. I look forward to seeing what you do in the summer transfer window and how you progress in season 2.
  14. I've had a break from this for a month to concentrate on my studies. Going to giver your tactic a go with my Villa team. Only played a handful of games in the 1st season so will see how it goes.
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