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  1. Just read your thread while sat at my desk at work! Loved it and has made me want to rush home and start a Hereford save myself. I moved to Hereford with my parents when I was 14. Being a Villa fan, it was too far to travel back on my own so got my football fix down at Edgar Street! I fell in love with them and watched them reach the Play-Offs in the old 3rd Division under guidance of Graham Turner. I also spent a week at the club doing 'work experience' and scored a goal against their first team in a training game haha. It's my claim to fame. I'm definitely going to get a Hereford save on the go. Never played FM so low down (Championship with Villa) is the lowest I've played so will be something very new to me. Can't wait to see how your 2nd season goes.
  2. I've had a break from this for a month to concentrate on my studies. Going to giver your tactic a go with my Villa team. Only played a handful of games in the 1st season so will see how it goes.
  3. Pre season went according to plan. Had a couple of testing fixtures but the team is shaping up nicely. I have to say I've been impressed so far with the transfers my DoF has made. Persuading Celtic to P/Ex Cissokho for Eughan O'Connell is a great piece of business! Cros will be cover for Jedinak and Tunicliffe will likely be in the starting XI. Managed to play the opening fixture before I turned it off - Beat Sheff Wed 2-1 away. Completely dominated the game to be honest and could easily have been 4 or 5. I've decided to retrain Grealish to a MC and I've got him sitting in the middle of the 3 with Andre Green doing the same in training to provide back up. Jedinak is a beast sitting in-front of the back 4, but at 32 I'll have to use him wisely.
  4. I've restarted my Villa save with a twist and decided to give this tactic a whirl. The twist being I am allowing DoF complete control over all transfers. It seems to be the way in this day and age when a young manager takes over a club. It seems owners are reluctant to allow them free reign so have a realistic feel to it. I've never done this before so I'm interested to see who he brings in. I've scheduled 8 friendlies so I'll keep you updated as the season progresses.
  5. Pre season went by without too much trouble. The squad needs to work on their teamwork according to my coaches, and that was before I made any signing. I'll post transfers in & out once the window shuts as I'm still on the look out for a CB(Left). I've bought in some much needed cover both in midfield and up front.
  6. I'm about to start a brand new Villa save and think I may have most of the players required at my disposal. Might need another CB (Right or Left) and a decent RCM with back up needed for Jedinak. Luckily the FB in the squad (Amavi, Bacuna) can play as wide midfielders as well. I'll keep you updated as the season progresses.
  7. I'm only 2 months into a Villa save but it going alright so far. Nothing too major in the way of transfer in or out as I feel we have enough to go straight up. Solid start to the season with the players still finding their feet with the tactic I'm using. Sitting top after a narrow 1-0 win at home to Brentford. I've still not found my ideal starting XI and I can't seem to get a tune out of Kodjia at all. Ayew doesn't seem to be much better so I may need to invest in a Striker in Jan. Going ok so far though. Made some massive changes with the backroom staff. There was virtually no Under 23 or 18 set up with coaches etc.
  8. Been looking for a 4-3-3 tactic for my Villa save. Coming into Feb of the 1st season and I have hit a brick wall in terms of getting a tune out of the players and scraping together some results. Going to retrain Grealish into the AP position. I'll let you know how I get on.
  9. Got to say this is a very solid tactic. Got off to a dream start on my Villa save! Ayew is tearing it up in the CF role. Grealish is just starting to tick now in the AML postion. Good work mate indeed.
  10. Started a Villa save last night (Long life suffering fan here as well). Not too bad a start if I do say so myself ;-) Transfers In/Out Starting XI and Tactics Really really pleased with how things are going! I honestly thought it would be a huge struggle 1st season. Shifting Gabby, N'Zogia, Senderos, Kozak and Richardson enabled me to bring in some decent young players who were ready for the 1st team. Although to be fair, its the players already there that are shining! Richards, Ayew, Guzan has been performing wonders for me. Backed up by the rest as well. Fingers crossed we can keep the good run going.
  11. ady that's really impressive mate. Definitely going to give your new tactic a bash with my Villa team. Will let you know how i get on.
  12. Enjoyed reading this thread. I had an amazing save on FM15 with Villa. I think I might just fire up Fm16 and give it a go.
  13. Apologies if this is a stupid question. I have downloaded the tactic to give it a whirl, and it says I cant export the file into the game. It's saved as a .fmf file. Anyone else had this?
  14. Won the league with one game remaining! will put some screen shots up tomorrow.
  15. Everton 0-2 Villa. Another efficient performance from the lads. Chelsea have slipped up last 2 games, and we are now 4 points ahead with 4 games to go! Love this stat as well - in the last 6 games we have conceded 1 goal and scored 13! Arsenal at home next up....
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