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  1. Yeah I had a huge amount of free time :3 Right now I´m in Premier League and this season seems that it´s going to be so so bad.
  2. I started a game with Oxford City in the last level of the English structure. I´m at 2025 and I managed to get to the Championship and almost in the Playoff to get to de Premier League (need 1 point in the last game, then the playoff is a lottery). I think that a promotion may be a risky, and the next year I´m likely to get demoted, if a manage to go forward in the playoff, but, the team is in a dire need of money and I´ll get my chances if I can.
  3. I solved the bug temporaly by deleting all the reports as you the Stuart said. Now I can see reports but when I send one of my scouts to any country they return the next day filled with reports.
  4. I think that there is some kind of relation between the slow down of the game and this bug specially in the search player page.
  5. I´m trying to delete all the scout reports, but the game freezes and even if I try to remove all of them in small pieces it would take me hours...
  6. Same problem here... at the middle of the second season I´m not able to see any scout report. A game breaker...
  7. I´m planning to start a very long term game. But I´m wondering if I should wait for a hotfix or not... What do you think?
  8. Anyway can u upload it please? I´m lost with all of these tactics and I don´t know where is that 4-4-2 that you are using.
  9. Is this likely to work with the next version of the game?
  10. How is this database working at the moment? I mean, the last realease is the full level 11 release or is expected to be developed a bit more because there are issues or lack or some kind of content. I would really like to give it a try for a really long term game, the definitive one until FM13 goes out or even until FM14, who knows xD. Congratulations for your work!!
  11. One question. If I want to play down to level 11 and for example in 10 seasons I manage to get my team to level 6. Could I unload levels under 6 in order to have a better performance and shorter time loads? Or it would make the game have issues or even crashes.
  12. It´s possible to start a game with a team in level 14 and for example if after X seasons I reach level 8 can I unload leagues under level 8? This is just for not making load times take forever.
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