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  1. Yeah I had a huge amount of free time :3 Right now I´m in Premier League and this season seems that it´s going to be so so bad.
  2. I started a game with Oxford City in the last level of the English structure. I´m at 2025 and I managed to get to the Championship and almost in the Playoff to get to de Premier League (need 1 point in the last game, then the playoff is a lottery). I think that a promotion may be a risky, and the next year I´m likely to get demoted, if a manage to go forward in the playoff, but, the team is in a dire need of money and I´ll get my chances if I can.
  3. My first game was with Cork City and I was unable to renew ANY contract, I mean, they wouldn´t even sit to talk with me. So for my experience, in minor leagues is imposible to keep players.
  4. Does supporters stats (loyalty, affluence...) improve over seasons if you win titles?
  5. I solved the bug temporaly by deleting all the reports as you the Stuart said. Now I can see reports but when I send one of my scouts to any country they return the next day filled with reports.
  6. I think that there is some kind of relation between the slow down of the game and this bug specially in the search player page.
  7. I´m trying to delete all the scout reports, but the game freezes and even if I try to remove all of them in small pieces it would take me hours...
  8. Same problem here... at the middle of the second season I´m not able to see any scout report. A game breaker...
  9. If you don´t mind, can you tell me what those specific leagues are? Thanks.
  10. I´m planning to start a very long term game. But I´m wondering if I should wait for a hotfix or not... What do you think?
  11. Sheffield seems to be a nice choice!! Also Oxford I played a long career game in 2010 with Oxford and I got tired of the shirt and the logo, yeah it may sound stupid but...
  12. Sorry for repeating post, as forum wasn´t working at this moment. Please delete it.
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