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  1. This are his attributes. Mobility; 12, anticipation; 11, Decisions; 10. Other key attributes (imo); Without Ball; 13 And i've trainend him to beat the offside trap.
  2. Playing the 17.1.2 version. Played it for 92 hours now. The ME is great, but some issues for me are; 1. My poacher is always offside. I've trained him not to be, and even when we play to posses the ball 99 out of 100 balls he is offside. 2. To many goals in turnovers from the opponent. Nearly every goal i concede is from a turnover. Players tend to cover a zone instead of a running man or a deep ball. 3. Home / away issue. Sure i know there is a difference between playing at home or away but the difference it to big. 4. Scoring goals from DFK's is impossible. 5. Maybe the most important one; when i watch the game in ext highlights it gives no ext highlights. The commentary bar just gives me info, no visual info. 6. Strengthen the squad. I manage a little club, and promised to a player that i bring in more strikers. I get 2 strikers at loan and 2 wingers who can play as one, and still he is unhappy.
  3. Bug; When in replay i want to see the data angle modus, but if i select it, i just replays the directors camera.
  4. The ME is a delight to play. What a big difference too FM16. Nice new futures. Only little thing is when 2 players, keeper and a striker, battle for a ball and the player loses he stops moving, he just stand there. Other little thing is when a cross came in my keeper ran into my defenders, the ball was lose, and the opponent could tip in. But really, a really solid beta. Great.
  5. Doesn't Pogba does the same atm at Utd? Players have to adapt to your tactics/philosophy.
  6. Its all about his ability to adapt, right. Sure if his sec pos is 'right', what is the formation? 1-4-4-2, 1-4-4-3 of maybe even a 1-5-3-2. His vision, off the ball strengths, and adaptability should give you the insight to put him where you want, it should not be hard coded. Look at for example Pirlo. And Cristiano Ronaldo, and Messi, en Mascherano. All started in different positions in comparison to where they are now.
  7. OK great news. Its nice to have 'extra' options like creating your own face and pre-contracts and all, but for me, a die hard, long-save-FM-nerd, its important the ME doesn't have any 'glitches' and 'feels' real. Decisions from player-x with and without the ball, decisions from the team when having the ball or retaining it. Positioning of the players in corners, etc. Really hope this ME suits.
  8. To all who played FM16, is there a big difference in the 'feel' of the ME of 17?
  9. Too bad, gonna purchase via Steam because i always do and it always worked good for me.
  10. Maybe a little offtopic but how do i get the discount in the FM17 purchase? Really eager to start with FM17. Played FM15 for over 1800 hours, FM16 23 hours (****** version imo). Oh and FM14 for almost 600 hours, so of its good, its gonna be a good time!
  11. Played FM16.2 for a while now and indeed it sucks. - crosses from opponent are 9 out of 10 a goal - defenders can not defend (moving away from the ball?) - my striker is constantly offside (even when he is moving horizontal, btw, never seen him do a 1-2) - wondersafes from opponent, all the time - creating chances is an utopia (movement without the ball, nope never happens) - not a single FK goal - passive behaviour of corner taker - passive behavior winning 'third'-ball - players do the same thing seemingly regardless of what they are instructed to do (early crossing, high or low balls, 1st or second post) - always scoring are screamer as a first or obviously a (most of the time, late) equalizer - when for instantly right center defender (this can be any player) out of the box during a corner for let say create a targetman for the turnover, as soon the corner is taken he sprints back at his position? - none of the players have a own will, say 'flair'. Everything seems systematically plotted. - while instructed 'play for possession' aka keep the ball, some players in the back 4 feel the urge to always kick the ball as far as they can (same goes for the goalie) - whatever you do, you can not 'change' the game. If the opponent is better you are f**** nothing you can do, playing small, counter attack, long ball, clearing to the side, whatever you do, they will win. For me this is by far the worst FM. Played FM2015 for over 800 hours, only 2 saves, started from a small local club and in 18 yrs managed myself to get up. For now, FM16 needs to improve or the 'uneven FM's are better then the even' is becoming the truth. As long as SI concentrates on things as movember, giving my forward a big mustage in stead of improving the ME, they are not improving. It does not matter if i can make 5 variations on my corner or FK, as long as the players not following up instructions. SI should improve the instructions on 'while we're in possession' and 'what do we do if the opponent got the ball'. For now every player is just running like an idiot. There is no real visible difference between a normale center back, or a ball playing one. Same goes for a deep striker or a poacher. Same goes voor an advanced playmaker and attacking midfielder. Who uses the 'raumdeuter'? It seems that if only you tick of the right duty for the right player everything just magically falls in to place. If you got 1 thing 'wrong', screw you, your tactic is not working. I would lik to see, 'how do you want to disturb the build-up'. Are we pressuring all together after losing a ball, or is the guy losing the ball giving pressure while the rest of your team repositions? The use of a targetman, its a nice thing, but i have never seen that a striker has given the ball, a second player closing to him, and a third player moving in a space. Turnovers are a joke, building up from the back, it does not matter if you have 2 right footers or 1 lefty and 1 right. We all want to copy the Barca of 2008 - 2011, or the current Bayern side, the Dortmund side, maybe even parking the bus, but we can't. It all depends on, does the right player has enough green at the position he is at. I could go on and on.
  12. I want to know before and if a renew my contrac so ill just have to wait.
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