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  1. I am sure this has been asked before, but there are so many messages in this thread that i could not find the answer within reasonable amount of time I have a stupid question about individual training. Let's say i have 4 strikers and a tactic with a few striker roles. Is it ok to put their individual training to "complete forward" even though that role is not in my tactics? Complete forward training would have the widest focus on their attributes, so i think it could be a good overall training for strikers. However, should they instead work on the exact roles on the tactic to be more eff
  2. How to take advantage when opponent gets a red card? It seems that whenever my opponents get a red card, the match immediately becomes much harder for my team. It is much more likely that the opponent scores than me. I have tried to become more attacking, tried to retain possession, tried to go without changing anything. Nothing works. It seems that the opponent gets some kind of boost when they are down and i have no tools to cope with that... Any suggestions?
  3. I already asked this on the feedback thread, but didn't get any reply, so maybe i have more luck here. If i hire a foreign coach, does it matter that he doesn't speak the language that majority of my players speak? Meaning that will he perform worse, until he learns the language, or is it just cosmetics?
  4. I don't know if it's just me, but i can't get images to work from any other hosting service than Imageshack. From others that i tried, i just got "invalid link" error (or something like that, can't remember the exact words).
  5. If you use a few different tactics, which have slightly different roles, how do you go about individual training? I often have my players training for certain role, but that might not be the best approach, if the player has different roles depending on which tactic is in use?
  6. I think it might be due to too attacking CM's. I am yet to find balance... I can make a tactic which creates a lot of scoring chances, but leaks on defence. I can make a tactic which is solid on defence, but attacking doesn't work. Now i need to figure out how i can do both at the same time
  7. All of the tactics i have tried to make, have at least one DM. Some even have two. Still getting through balls. Maybe something wrong with the roles and/or PI's... Need to try to alter something in there to see if it helps.
  8. Yes, i am seeing this. This is the biggest problem with all the tactics i have tried to create recently. I have tried various options to defending, but the through balls persist. Anyone know how to prevent them or at least make sure that they don't happen too often?
  9. Thanks Cleon for confirming this! I have only used team cohesion at later stages of pre-season (after fitness weeks) and when new players join squad mid season. Otherwise i have my general training on balanced (low/average, depending on fixture density) and individual trainings for each player on heavy.
  10. Lately there have been some tactics on the Tactics Sharing Centre, in which general training recommendation is "Team Cohesion". My understanding is that Team Cohesion is only needed until everyone has blended in to squad. Is there any value using Team Cohesion for full season? My reasoning says that it wouldn't be best option for optimal player development?
  11. What exactly does "hassle opponents"? The description says that it reduces the time and space, but how? Does it add "close down more" instruction to whole team? Does it affect tackling somehow? The reason i am asking is that for me it seems impossible to create a tactic without it. If i don't use that shout or use for example "stand off" it seems that the opponents just move the ball around without problems and the only way to get it back is throw in or goal kick. Then again, "hassle opponents" causes a lot of fouls and cards, at least i think it does. Would also imagine that defensive s
  12. What i tried to say is that when defending, he would drop as deep as player in DM position would, but when attacking, he would be higher than defenders, giving a recycling option a bit lower on the field. Based on what i have seen so far, i think the DLP(D) might be doing just that.
  13. What role is best for central midfielder (+ possible player instructions), if i want him to drop deeper to give additional cover for defense, but still participate on midfield duty also? In my current tactic i first had CM(D), but wasn't completely happy. Now i have DLP(D), but i can't be sure which one is better or would something else be even better? I don't want this guy to go too high up when attacking, but i don't want to use real DM in this formation.
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