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  1. This will be my last update on this save and i make it in a bit less detailed way this time. I am starting to get a bit bored with this save, so i am probably not going to continue it for long anymore. Maybe one more season or something like that. So, here is a short info about how this season went: La Liga: We finished third. We even had an off chance to win, but a series of bad results in march/april took that chance away. We then fought hard for 2nd place, but ultimately lost to Barcelona by 1 point. Real Madrid won La Liga. However, we did win Copa del Rey. We played against Real in the final and beat them 4-1. It was a great game for us.
  2. A very interesting thread. Will be following how it goes with Dundee. Hope you stick there for a bit longer
  3. Note to anyone interested about my progress. It is somewhat slow at the moment, because of the real life UEFA CL matches and Ice Hockey World Championships. I am playing when i can, but only progressing a little every day. Nearing the end of season though.
  4. I think there are two valid reasons to fine a player: Straight red = Two weeks wages. Expecption to the rule: Assistant thinks that the red was not deserved. Then i appeal and only fine 1 week wages. Missing training = Two weeks wages For bad performance i never fine or warn players. If a player is in a bad form, i take it to a private chat and depending on the player, i am either harsh or supportive. If player has one bad performance, i don't do anything. Anyone can have a bad day. Warnings i give if player gets sent out after two yellow cards.
  5. Exactly. I would add that if doing something prevents you completing tasks you really should do, i would call it addiction.
  6. One of the most exciting (and crazy) matches on my career so far. We played against Real Madrid. They were of course favorites to win, but we felt quietly confident. We took 3-0 lead in just 10 minutes, but then allowed them to get 3 goals and the game was 3-3 when only 23 minutes had been played. We managed to take 4-3 lead at 38 minutes and after that both teams had good chances, but no more goals were scored. A truly entertaining match.
  7. I am going to do a small change on my updating frequency. From now on there will be three updates per season. The pre-season update, then new years update and end of season update. I am already starting it, meaning that the last update for this first Malaga season will come only after the season ends (currently it is March 2023). I will occasionally post small updates between the regular updates, if there is something worth posting about.
  8. ***Season 9 (2022-2023) August-November*** General We have had a pretty good start in La Liga. Media is predicting 5th place for us and so far we are living up to that expectation. Transfers Last minute changes on LB position were made on transfer deadline day. In: Out: Domestic Cup No matches played yet, but the first one is just around the corner. La Liga
  9. Sometimes matches are like this, you know that you are the better team. You are the better team on the field. And still you lose. That is what happened when Alfredo faced his first defeat with Malaga.
  10. First impressive display with Malaga. Still early on the season, but we have started well. A match against the last seasons champions and this is the result:
  11. ***Season 9 (2022-2023) Pre-season*** General Time at Germany is at end and now is time for a whole new challenge in Spain. Background and season expectations: Transfers A bit of a "clean up" was done. Only two new players in, a lot out. Friendlies
  12. Yes and i think Spain is another interesting opportunity + now there is a chance to build a team which isn't quite ready for glory yet. Wolfsburg was maybe a bit too easy, they had quite large budgets and already a solid squad so there wasn't that much to do to get it working. I have also decided what the final goal for this save is. As Alfredo is Italian, his ultimate goal is to get a job from a good Serie A club and then stay there until the end of his career. He has gotten some offers from Serie A during his career (Roma being the most notable), but so far he hasn't taken them. Next time such opportunity presents itself, he will take it. The best one would be Napoli as Alfredo is from Naples and Napoli is his favorite club.
  13. Next season will feature new country and new challenge.
  14. Fleitas was selected for the Argentina final world cup squad also. Not bad for a 20yrs old keeper He developed huge amounts during the season, when he came here he was ranked clearly worse than our last seasons nro 1 Loris Karius. However, now he is ranked clearly better. I think we will need to sell Karius, he is still worth something and probably won't sit back as a happy backup for a very long time.
  15. ***Season 8 (2021-2022) March-May*** General To put it short, best season on Alfredos career. Easily. UEFA Supercup: We were clear underdogs for the match, but we decided to prove everyone wrong. And that we did with style. DFB-Pokal: Rather easy competition to win this time around. None of the opponents were actually tough and we only conceded one goal during the entire cup. Bundesliga We had a few chances to cement our league title, but we were not taking them. In the end we did win by a safe(ish) margin though. UEFA Champions League Getting to the final was much harder than winning it. The final itself was actually quite relaxing, Chelsea never looked like winning it. Before the match Alfredo got the opportunity to name the weakest link on Chelsea squad. He usually doesn't resort to that, but this time it proved an opportunity too good to be passed. He noticed that Harry Kane actually has a quite low determination, so he named Kane as the weak link. Kane was in the Chelsea starting XI, but after a quiet first half he was substituted at 45mins. So it seems the pressure got to him. Goal scorers: Muzo was the top scorer, which doesn't come as a surprise, he has developed in to a very fine young striker. The best part is that we had several other players who managed to get respectable amount of goals and assists. Nothing better than having a wide front of players capable of winning matches. End of season thoughts: After a season as good as this, Alfredo is considering his options. He does have one more year on his contract, but as he really can't win anything new with Wolfsburg anymore, he is thinking about resigning and finding a new challenge.
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