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  1. Keep in mind teams from other countries can/will attempt to sign your players until september
  2. When defensive tackles turn out to be the most amazing offensive through balls which ofcourse the AI always always scores
  3. Yeah I'm getting the same issue too. But it's only when the game is continuing. Otherwise in match/idle on a page it never crashes.
  4. You might have missed my point. Aging players shouldn't be losing their technical abilities. I don't see how age plays a factor in a players passing rating to drop.
  5. I'm not sure if it's been said anywhere else. But obviously as players age some of their stats decline mainly their physical attributes, while their mental stays the same. Does anyone else find it a little bit silly that their technical attributes decline as well. Doesn't make any sense to me that it declines on fm when in real life vetrans don't just forget how to pass. Particularly times when there's charity matches, the older players still have the tekkers. They just lose their speed and stamina. And even players that were aging but still playing. Players like Scholes/Pirlo could still drop the ball on a penny even in their latter years.
  6. Haven't/not going to read everything that has been said, but a quick question. Are the goal keepers any better at getting up after always parrying the ball back to the opposing player that took the shot?
  7. Definitely not alone there buddy. Times I've gotten so annoyed at a player for say questioning my every decision or playing absolute crap consistently I tend to get a angry with them in real life. Fm consumes you lol.
  8. Getting an injury a game now. Are injuries being looked into or is the tone, just deal with it?
  9. Just started the official game. Have had 3 injuries in 5 pre season games so far. Not looking too great. But will see as the season goes on. My physios and fitness coaches are far from terrible either.
  10. I don't see an issue. If the person you signed is for the future/back up then Allen is still first choice. So that would be your response would it not?
  11. Not sure if they've been said already but I'm not going to search through over 2,000 posts to check, But I've noticed that it's almost impossible to see anything when playing a match in the rain. And when viewing in main stand view you cannot see any of the play down the nearside touch line. Oh, and there's tons of own goals. But I think I've seen somewhere that the issue is already well known.
  12. All about rotation. My back up goalkeepers usually play cup games or against weaker teams. Although I've never really had any of my back up keepers complain throughout the fm games I've played.
  13. Has anyone noticed defenders playing the perfect through balls for the opposition by tackling both for and against?
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