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  1. Its not the actually setting, 'Director', 'TV' etc. but the height and zoom. I have attached PKMs This is my preferred settings: Setting that is defaulted: Arsenal v Man Utd.pkm Man Utd v Crystal Palace.pkm Man Utd v MK Dons.pkm
  2. Not sure if I will need to provide a PKM, if so let me know. At the beginning of every match, I have had to change the camera zoom & height. Previous versions this setting was saved for future matches.
  3. Keep in mind teams from other countries can/will attempt to sign your players until september
  4. Getting an injury a game now. Are injuries being looked into or is the tone, just deal with it?
  5. Just started the official game. Have had 3 injuries in 5 pre season games so far. Not looking too great. But will see as the season goes on. My physios and fitness coaches are far from terrible either.
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