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  1. Alright i have a problem with Swap Deals.. Ive started a leageue with parma becuase i downloaded the patch but everytime i try to swap players it doesnt work..Was delighted to organise a straight swap with Panucci and K.Papadopolous but everytime panucci rejects olympiakos and it seems weird becuase i played on and i sold him to Caligiari and they offered him 8 grand a week surely olymiakos in the Champions League could have matched that.. Then i organised a swap of Paci plus 1 million for Gaby Mudingayi with Bologna delighted again but everytime paci rejects there contract offer ended up selling him to a serie B side...Anyone else encounter this problem?
  2. Which manager are you?

    David O Leary::: interview "we have players good here at Leeds" lol eh no id be very much like Arsene Wenger i take every team i manage as a long term project and like to biuld a team and not buy short term sucess, i always cash in on players and replace them with cheaper younger versions, i cant stand it when the other team have more posession than i have, any player who "has the intelligence to spot a pass" is signed immediately, even if i lose a game if my players have alot of key passes im still happi that ive a smarter team. I appraoch the finances of my teams very seriously and meticulously plan every aspect of this. As for my tactics, creative freedom, passing, possession, pacy wingers that score goals (pires, overmars, ljunberg), with a strong spine of my team Defensive Midfielder that protects the back for is an essential and good centre backs, with full backs pushing up and attacking. :)...ooo and i never see a penalty that should be given against my team....ever!
  3. Co-ownership spending

    i see your point but like...39million isnt selling a player on the cheap plus i tink the logic behind it is say in my league lazio want 40million for a player russo...Inter bid 24million to co-own him as well as juve and then they would pay the rest when they can or when they need him and hes good enough havent had that situation on my game cos lazio keep rejecting it seems pretti normal in mine and im running 9.0.3
  4. Harshest Sacking?

    well i believe it was very harsh as i in every game ive played parma have never got promoted, i got them promoted in the first season put them in a gud financial position, and finished 10th in second season well above expectations second season once again i choose to avoid relagation cos i was afraid of the "second season syndrome" was 10th and went on a bad run towards the end of the second season and still avoided relegation board sacked me just said they have decided to bring in a new manager despite the fact i made them millions and could have sold the team and bought a new one but decided to keep them i.e offered 20m for Jankovic, 10m pegolo, Lewandowski 20m, Mata 20mil, etc etc and NO THANKS at all silly manager
  5. Sleeping giants...

    I recently started another parma league ther after posting this comment its great reali brings out the harry redknapp/arsene wenger in you as they have a tight budget you have to buy players for the here and now as well as being able to sell to make money..promoted in my first season back in serie A and in my first season back in serie A sitting 9th--bring on Europe
  6. Diego Buonanotte

    must say was very impressed with him Man City bought him in ther second season spent 2 seasons on the bench and i bought him for 5million he played 20 games with 10 assists that season can only hope he plays the same i played him either left winger of centre mid
  7. The New Man City

    I love man city they offered 40million for Lassanna Diarra so i offered him about Barcelona bid 50million for him Haha Man City Newcastle got taken over in mine they spend at least 80m+ every season they bought Xabi Alonso for 16m and hes bloody horrible haha needless to say poor old Joe K got the golden handshak
  8. Adebayor--ADDIE or The Bayor Fabregas- Cesc or Go on u beauty (usually when he pings it in from bout 30 yards) Goalkeeper Carizzo- Any word on you keeping a clean sheet u useless w**k*r i spent 16million on u ya tool Quiton Fortune- Hint of fortune i blame fifa Giovinco-Sebba or Gio Diaby gets Paddy Viera Head
  9. Where Do You Play?

    only two leagues ive managed in are england and italy couldnt be bothered with spain and i tried other leagues like portugal and ukraine and stuff cant bring myself to do it
  10. Sleeping giants...

    Although u said no italian teams i cant believe no one has mentioned PARMA! i always do a season with them had some great ones as well..once a great team under acellotti and had fantastic players until the parmalat scandal and their main backers went bust now they are in serie B tight budget would reali bring out the manager in you
  11. do i reject or do i accept

    Ok ill say this once "KEEP THEO WALCOTT" hes unbelieveable in my league his stats are very good hes got brilliant stats for both winger and striker. I played him right from the off in my first season and won the league with theo playin 51 games 6 goals 7 assists and 7 mom and his stats arent the best in his first season. Had the dreaded second season syndrome: 34 games 3 goals 7 assists 3 mom 3rd season 48 games 8 goals 10 assists 6 mom 4th season 38 games 9 goals 9 assists 4mom He hasnt played a season below an average f 7.30 for me in my last season ther my 5th i was reali struggling for goals (i was 20 goals off chelsea with 22 games gone) and was around about 8th Adebayor was injured and RVP wasnt scoring so i decided to play theo and RVP i finished 4th on goal difference over chelsea and won the champions league..They both played Reali well with theo notchin up 10 goals in 8 games until adebayor came back he also manage to assist RVP 7 times so he owes RVP his career cos if he hadnt of hit double figures without a doubt he was being sold Hes worth about 30million in mine and has been close to English player of the year and Champions league player of the year on 2 occasions for me..
  12. Pay-back

    Well my story goes something like this managed Arsenal and won the league in my first season made the club the richest in the world well above Barcelona and finished just about 4th in my second season won the fa cup tho..board were abit unhappy but nothing major decided not to strengthen my squard majorly which was a big mistake anyway came very close to losing my job and i believe this was because every week mourinho, bernd shuster or frank rijkaard would be intrested in Vela, Walcott, Clichy, Sagna, Toure and Adebayor so doing extremly badly in the league i bought Carizzo in the January Transfer window while sitting about 10th and a few games away from the sack no doubt with alot of players lookin to move etc...was doing well in the champions league i got ac milan in the 1st knockout round a chance to get one over on Rikjaard and beat them 2-1 on aggregate with Walcott and Adebayor scoring , the next round i played Real Madrid i had a funni feeling the computer was out to get me sacked but by this time i had climbed to 7 or 6th not sure but only 6 points of 3rd a reali reali tight league i managed to beat Madrid 4-1 with Adebayor and Walcott again scoring as well as Vela and Fabregas madrid were now intrested in him i made it to the final and low and behold faced Inter and would you believe Mourinho had been trying to sign Vela for years declaring intrest almost every few weeks so i decided i would wave him in mourinhos face and like a goodlad he popped up with the Winner kept all players and finished 4th just about kept my job and my star players couldnt have been happier revenge i reckon for constantly upsetting my team. and in response to players leaving in acrimonious circumstances Diaby would sign a new contract and wanted a new challenge so i had to sell him to lazio for 18million..he made 1 start and food posioning ruled him out of the world cup for the majority and the icing on the cake 6-8 months with cruiciate damage :)