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  1. i think the way defender close down the crosser is wrong he stand off front of him and let the angle supposed to close it open
  2. what's the point of getting feedback from people and not care about what they need
  3. my tactic is fluid what training should i focus to get a good performance from my team a team cohesion or what
  4. i tried but with my anger it's very hard the matches i'm underdog it's ok i can accept the matter but the matches i fav for it and losing i can't accept this
  5. i need someway to control my self when playing FM some times reload the save game when lose match i totaly dominat it i know that's the football but really i gone crazy need some advice i need to play without reloading again , i thought to make the save game on one file but the file may be damage for some reason and i'll lose the entire save game
  6. what's the deffrence between this tactic and Stargazing 424 Counter
  7. what's the soloution of yellow and red cards too many
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