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  1. City enquired about him in the first season january window for Eriksen on my save, when I asked for 60m they backed down instantly, he's not really very good on my save but I play him as AML (IF/s) so thats probably why.
  2. I've managed to finish my first season, got 1st place and remained undefeated overall. I don't know whats wrong with the player values but they are off the roof so i started the new season with alot of bussines in the market. Current team is: GK (d) - Lloris, Rulli DR (CWB/a) - Walker, Trippier, Walker-Peters CD (BWD/d) - Verthongen (who requested to be transfer listed, kinda bumped up about this), Alderweild, Wimmer, Mammana, Vickers DL (CWB/a) - Kurszawa, Jorge DM (Anchorman) - Dier, Maia CM/r (AP/s) - Alli, Tielemans, Banega CM/l (DLP/s) - Bentaleb, Romero AMR (IF/s) - Zivkovic, Ba
  3. You mean Klose? For those who want to start a Lazio save, you can get up to 45mil for De Vrij and up to 40mil for Anderson at the start of the game. The problem is you'll lose 50% of the Anderson fee.
  4. On march now, sitting top, City and Chelsea are getting grounds. Performance wise, Kane is still a beast, Ali and Bentaleb have become probably the best wonderkids in CM in the game, both are wanted by alot of clubs, defense still shakin, Chaldi came back strong, Eriksen became world class. I had 0 cash for transfer in January, tried to persuade Levy to give me some cash, he refused, sold Dembele to Southampton for 5.5m euro which I used to improve my wage budget. I got Rulli, Banega, A. Zivkovic and Romero all on free transfers for next season. Vickers, Onohua, Walker-Peters are improving nic
  5. I'm using him as a complete forward (attack duty) (no special individual instructions), training on complete forward with individual dribbling. Make sure there are people who can pass the ball to him tho. I've also managed to get 2 other special PPM, come deep to get the ball and play one twos, currently working on running with the ball in the center.
  6. http://imgur.com/NQnLqdZ http://imgur.com/G2nzL8a http://imgur.com/6Oj2Jsv http://imgur.com/acqiAXt Don't know how to post images in the post.
  7. eric dier, william carvalho (untrain his dribbling PPM), or you can just get a central defender and retrain him into dm. look for anchorman and ball winning midfielders or ball playing defenders.
  8. Started a new save with Spurs in the full game version with a closed first transfer window. Sitting top of the table as of 1st of December, currently playing against Arsenal. Going over the team (Squad is highly determined and would recommend buying players as such): GK - Lloris is solid and Vorm is a good backup, would recommend buying a solid gk for the future and cashing in on Vorm after the first year. DR - Walker is okish if you are playing pressing style play and he tends to assist Kane very well with crosses, Trippier is a good solid backup. DL - Rose is a god, would recommend sell
  9. you can get 60 upfront and the rest on additional fees
  10. for those who want to start a spurs save, you can get up to 90mil for Kane from ManU in the full game version.
  11. the south african legend: khune (around 600k price cost and around 30k salary, decent aged [26] too).
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