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  1. Hi everybody. I'm currently working on a big project for Football Manager 2020 that was inspired by the many clubs complaining about too many games in a season. I had this idea to abolish the League Cup and then create county cups where the 2 biggest teams from a county only come in from the semi final but where it could include from the start of the competition teams right from the lowest reaches of the English football system. So I started on this project. I worked out the maximum number of games for a Premier League team with this system (includes abolishing FA Cup replays) has dropped from 74 to 65. Anyway here is what I've done so far. Will include some screenshots shortly. LEAGUES Premier League (20 Clubs) EFL First Division (20 Clubs) EFL Second Division (20 Clubs) EFL Third Division (20 Clubs) EFL Fourth Division (20 Clubs) English Football Conference (24 Clubs) English Football Conference North/South (24 Clubs Each) English Isthmian/Northern/Southern League (3 Sub-Divisions, 24 Clubs Each) LEVEL NINE TO ELEVEN - ENGLISH REGIONAL LEAGUES (20 TEAMS EACH LEAGUE AND EACH TIER) Dumnonia League East Anglia League East Mercia League Kent & Sussex League London & Essex League Northumbria Red Rose League Northumbria White Rose League West Mercia League Wessex League LEVEL TWELVE TO FOURTEEN - ENGLISH REGIONAL 2 LEAGUES (20 TEAMS EACH LEAGUE AND EACH TIER) Yorkshire League LEVEL FIFTEEN TO SEVENTEEN - ENGLISH COUNTY LEAGUES (20 TEAMS EACH LEAGUE AND EACH TIER) Humber League North Riding League South Yorkshire League West Yorkshire League LEVEL EIGHTEEN TO TWENTY - ENGLISH DISTRICT LEAGUES (20 TEAMS EACH LEAGUE AND EACH TIER) WEST YORKSHIRE (Bradford District League, Calderdale League, Kirklees League, Leeds District League, Wakefield District League) REGIONAL CUPS West Riding Cup (West Yorkshire) As you can see still early days but I'll make further posts and post screenshots as more development is made.
  2. I got my new format UEFA Champions League working but have a new problem. Is there any way to prevent this happening? I would like the possibility for the number of teams for a league to change in future seasons if poor performance in Europe but the coefficients disappear when using the new Champions League format even though it works. Is there any way at all to make the coefficients work with a custom European structure.
  3. Could anyone tell me what the problem is in this rules layout in FM Editor 16 atm (Yes I know its an old game). It's saying "could not find competition -1 in the database". Please let me know how I can fix it. Thank you. New Euro Structure_0B1A099F-8B44-46AC-9531-BE0DDC0DEC3E.fmf
  4. UEFA cater to the big leagues, every three years or so the big clubs come back and ask for something and UEFA give them it, its wrong but thats why the 5 team rule has been removed. It probably won't be long before the Group Stage is just teams from 5 leagues plus maybe 1-2 others. I'm English but I do not want to see a competition for just English, Spanish, Italian and German teams because there's less culture and the appeal of football is that its a global sport which no other sport can claim and UEFA are basically reducing that. Rant over. So no its not a bug.
  5. I have been working on an international database that incorporates a 48 team World Cup and it's pretty much all working apart from one thing which is that although each individual round will seed teams it won't necessarily put the strongest teams straight through to the second phase like I want it to. It will select random teams to go straight to second phase and random teams to start in first phase and THEN seed them after that. Now I know you can achieve this by seeding the teams in a set list but I don't want to do that because that would mean for example Austria would always go through to 2nd phase even though their World Ranking might change and then they are not automatically in second phase. I want the seedings and which phase the teams start in to be seeded by their world ranking. Does anyone have an idea on that? Apologies for the long and complicated question. Their probably is a better way of putting it but I'm not great at putting things simply. EDIT: This is in FM Editor 2016
  6. Gone through organizing all the teams and bringing back the ones that are extinct. I built on the FC Red Bull Salzburg team for SV Austria Salzburg rather than edit the extinct team and just changed the stadium etc because the finances and reputation will be more accurate.
  7. English people have said for years oh we have the best league in the world and its utter crap. We really don't. We have the most competitive league in the world. Therefore it is often the best to watch in the world but the top teams in England are not in the same class as the likes of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich. I'm sorry but they are not and history proves it. For years they've been saying its a matter of time before english clubs dominate Europe and yet we are still waiting. They haven't dominated Europe since the late 70s and early 80s. Since then English winners of the Champions League have usually been every now and then. They came a lot better for a period during the late 90s and early 00s but they still didn't dominate. The fact is the people involved in English football and this is despite me English seem to think we have a god given right to have the best teams in the world and that it will just happen and they refuse to accept that other teams are way ahead and because they don't accept there's a problem, they can't fix the problem. FM seems to reflect that. English teams routinely dominate Europe and I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with that if it happened a few years into the game because things do change in football over time but the reality is that recent European history just does not support that kind of dominance. How many times have English clubs got to the semi final of ECL in recent years? Not many at all. Other nations have appeared far more often. It should be a challenge to get an English club there but that is no bad thing because it would give you far more satisfaction in my opinion when you do achieve it in the game.
  8. First of all I would just like to say I have no idea how far I will get with this due to the massive size of the project but I'm going to start editing the data and see how far I can get and I can release what I've done periodically. CM9798 is generally considered one of the best manager games of all time so I thought I would undertake trying to remake it within FM2016 rather than the new one which is getting terrible reviews. I will do the playable leagues of Fm2016 first. Many people wanted to add more leagues to CM9798 by modding it but it was not really possible apart from replacing leagues. Anyway I've started alphabetically in Europe which I know won't please some as Austria isn't the most famous of leagues but maybe it's my OCD. I'll edit this post regularly to say how far I've got and upload screenshots. I'll go back and do histories once I've got the players and staff correct. AUSTRIAN BUNDESLIGA SK Rapid Wien (Players And Staff), SK Sturm Graz (Players And Staff), Grazer AK (P,S), SV Austria Salzburg (P,S) LASK LInz (P,S) FC Tirol Innsbruck (P,S) FK Austria Wien (P,S) SV Ried (P,S) SC Austria Lustenau (P,S) VFB Admira Wacker (P,S) AUSTRIAN FIRST LEAGUE SK Vorwarts Steyr (Players And Staff), SV Spittal (PS), First Vienna (PS), SV Braunau (PS) SC Bregenz (PS) DSV Leoben (PS) SV Stockerau (PS) SV Gerasdorf (PS) St Polten (PS) Obviously the photos need changing too in the long run.
  9. I usually manage in the English league so this doesn't hurt me but when I see results like Arsenal beating Bayern 6-2 and no they didnt have a man sent off or anything and the amount of times England win international tournaments is baffling. I know its an English development team and I am English myself but come on guys, you are supposed to be creating something realistic. It isn't.
  10. Ok new question. I'll let you guys know what I'm doing now. I'm basically trying to create the Gianni Infantino suggestion of a 32 team FIFA Club World Championship. Some have said this would clash with national tournaments which I agree with so I'm creating the tournament in the game to happen every two years in the years when there's no World Cup or Euros etc. What I would like to know though is how to get a previous winner of a competition and if this is possible instead of the last winner in the Advanced Rules. The reason I ask this is because as it was every two years I was going to use the last 2 winners of the Champions League for example.
  11. Just a quick question. I wondered which continental rules the World Club Cup comes under? As the editor doesn't tell you and when you start to change continental rules it doesn't tell you there either. Just thought if I got this answered by somebody would save a lot of time of potential mishaps.
  12. Here's the file. Alternate - Scotland_5FF129C8-0B05-4566-A5B3-85BED6E8A1A4.fmf
  13. Yeah but I have that and that's still not happening. The Premiership teams (I am using Scotland), say "all teams given the same seeding, 0". The Championship teams says "all teams given the same seeding, 1". And yet despite that Celtic were drawn into the First Preliminary Round.
  14. I've been making my own nation rules but the problem I have is with the Cup. I add new teams at different points during the competition but at the moment it totally randomises which teams appear at which stage. So sometimes the teams in Tier 1 appear in the competition at the First Preliminary Round and teams from Tier 7 appear in the Third Round as their first round in the draws. How do I make sure the bigger teams get drawn later? I've looked in the advanced rules in the editor but I only seem to be able to find how to seed the draws not when they appear in the competition.
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