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  1. Go Aprilia!!! FC Aprilia are based in the Serie C2/C (Lega Pro Seconda Divisione in actual life) and are located in Lazio, near Rome. They have a stadium that seats 2,000 and are a really fun team to play with. They have a reasonable wage and occasionally even money for transfers!
  2. Name:Alex Bertschi DOB: 27 June 1996 Nationality: Swiss (from Genève) Normally play as a winger or IF
  3. In my game he was sacked in December 2013. His biggest move was selling Anderson for 5.5 mil and he is still without a job in 2016.
  4. For me, anything about about 6.7 is passable. 7.2 would be quite a good season, and 7.5 or above is rather excellent. Although of course it is all relative to the performance of the squad. My main striker, Nicola Ferrari, on my Aprilia Calcio save scored 25 in 32 but got just a 7.12 rating overall while the club was promoted from the Serie C2. I think there a lot of variables associated with the averages and that the numbers, despite their apparent usefulness, should not be used too much for decisions.
  5. I think you'd have to add more playable leagues to get more available jobs.
  6. I'd go with Cluj, they are one of the biggest clubs in Romania while Metalist will have to compete with Shakhtar, Dynamo Kyiv, and Dnipro, it could be quite difficult.
  7. I've had no problems on my late 2013 macbook pro retina. Everything works very smoothly.
  8. Yeah I heard there were some ddos attacks on steam today
  9. On my MacBook 13 inch retina I sometimes get that weird thing when everything is in the bottom left. I found that if you quit it normally fixes itself. Still a bit annoying though.
  10. It may not be all that crazy with reports from the French press (in reality) saying that PSG might spend 250 mil on Messi's buy-out clause this summer.
  11. You're saying that you are a professional footballer and that you have tried to convince your own manager to buy a player you found on FM?? Hmmm....
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