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  1. Guys, you should read this article: http://www.mypassion4footballmanager.com/2013/04/adapting-match-tactics-how-to-win-possession.html It works like charm to my defense.
  2. Guardiola tends to use slow movement to bring the ball forward while Bielsa tends to use fast movement.
  3. I'm using the same setup: ------------------- SK ------------------- ------- stopper -- cover -- stopper ------- WBa -------------------------------- WBs ---------- DLPd --------- BWMs ---------- I choose balance and control, but still I find my outer CDs getting pulled out by opponents strikers/attacking midfielders. I'm using Hassle Opponents, Push Higher Up and Get Stuck In, etc. Do you think these three shouts don't fit to my tactic?
  4. llama3, can you suggest me what roles I should use? I'm playing with 3-5-2/3-4-3 ------------- NS --------- NS ------------- ------------------- NS -------------------- WM(s) ---- DLP(s) ----- BWM(d) ---- WM(a) 3 CB's (defend duties), 2 WBs (both on attacks), 2 CMs (BWMd - DLPs), AM (not sure), 2 STs (not sure). I'm playing with Inter Milan, using control and balance. I want all my players create space to their teammates while we're in possession, so they can stop illogical long shots.
  5. I'm using this formation atm, trying to make the same things as you guys did, but with different formation. The tactic familiarity isn't fluid yet. I conceded too many goals from stupid set-pieces. Can someone tell me how to post screenshots here?
  6. I'm a big fan of Inter, I'd like to suggest you to check Inter's thread. About your tactic, if you change the AP to CMd, your strikers will have no support especially when you play with control mentality.
  7. Does anybody make a successful tactic, possession or pressing, with different formation? I'm trying real hard to make it work with 3-4-3 and 3-5-2, for example, how to make the "single" wingers (wide midfielders/wingbacks) press the opponents who have "double" wingers (IFs and WBs). Sorry for my bad english.
  8. Do you think the players need a good understanding to use this action? I heard somewhere that CBs who play together for a long time will do this action nicely. I'm not sure.
  9. Thank you so much guys. When you play with this formation (counter), do you push higher or deeper? I've seen too many goals from opponent through balls when I play higher defensive line, maybe because we have slow defenders. I tried counter strategy once, more direct passing, pass into space, drop deeper/much deeper D-line and hassle opponents but it didn't work. Does it better to play Kovacic as AM than MC? I think he's the only good player in the first season.
  10. I've never played FM series with other teams except Inter Milan. But seriously, guys, I think this season Inter have the worst team ever. I've never felt so desperate to play as Inter. I love to use 3 players on defense just like IRL, use 2 wbs, cambiasso plays as anchorman/regista/half back, 2 midfielders, kovacic/alvarez plays as treq/EG and one striker as AF. But it doesn't work! We keep conceding more than 1 goal and hard to score. The morale is always below as I started as a sunday footballer. Seems like the players aren't consistent. Sorry for this but seriously I need your help. I only bought A. Cerri because our low transfer budget. I'm sorry if my English isn't good enough.
  11. Cleon, how do you instruct your mid players? I'm using 2 midfielders AP(S) and BBM(S), 1 EG and 2 strikers. I'm also using 2 WBs both on attack duties. I'm not sure about their roles and duties, I just can't find the right combinations of them to create a space like yours. My strikers keep staying forward and I feel like it's hard to break down or pull out opponents defenders to create some space for others. I know I still need to learn, but I really need you to help me here. Thank you so much.
  12. I found this from another forum, it works nicely though I'm still conceding goals from corners. But, not many as default setting. - 2 men (mark tall players) - 2 men on each post, both near and far post - the rest are man marking (you can let one of your ST stay forward)
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