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  1. That's weird....I just bought it on Voidu with the BLUEWINTER code for £24.45 (26.37 Euros)....
  2. I've had a couple of free transfers going for £20+m down the years but I've never quite gotten that kind of crazy profits on nothing. My best profit in 16 is a £8m signing going for about £40m+20m more in conditions 18 months of Championship football later.
  3. I used to only use IFs if they were "wrong" footed, but through a combination of injury crises and wanting to play good players even if they didn't quite fit my system as I envisioned it, I've been coming round to playing "right" footed IFs in '16 (and, conversely, "wrong" footed players as wingers). I still seem to get a good number of goals out of them, as well as perfectly acceptable overall performances. All other things equal, I would still probably favour playing a right footed IF on the left and vice-versa, but I wouldn't play an inferior player in that role just because of his footedness.
  4. I'm finding I use it much the same way. A simple "shorter passing" is my baseline shout for building a more possession-centric tactic, with RP replacing it when we're in a winning position and want to see the game out. If I use the latter from the word go, I tend to get good possession numbers, but end up doing very little productive with the ball.
  5. On the subject of Ozil, back in FM15, I had a test game as Arsenal where I tried out tactics, and I found with a bit of retraining he is one hell of a creative forward (DLF/F9/Treq). Can't see him being much different in '16. Didn't give him a go as a CF(s), but he might work in that role too.
  6. Thing is, in real football, the kind of things people would probably consider a clear cut chance - say, 1-on-1 with the keeper, relatively central - don't actually have that great a conversion rate even for the best players so the fact that people like that aren't even getting a 50% scoring rate for CCCs isn't unrealistic. That said, I certainly don't always agree with the game's definition of CCCs / half chances. It tends to overrate chances from tight angles and/or situations with defenders in positions to block the shots, and possibly underrates headed chances - free headers around the 6 yard box often don't even register as a HC. I don't think it's a useless stat, just one that shouldn't be taken as the ultimate definition of a good tactic. Even with the sometimes dodgy definition, a tactic that can create a lot of CCCs is probably, other things equal, going to be more successful than one that doesn't create many. If my team are consistently having problems creating CCCs, then it is a indication that either my strikers or creators might be having issues, and it is something I will want to look at in more detail. It might just be that the game is not rating the chances I'm creating properly and everything is fine, but it might be a sign that I need to tweak my offensive setup (likewise, if the opposition are getting a lot, then I will start looking at my defense in more detail).
  7. 1 - I would tend to have two main strikers that rotate, hopefully a promising youngster to give a bit of game time to develop, then one or two of my AM strata players who are capable of playing up top if needed - particularly if your striker is a "creative" role, then many AMCs can slot in nicely there even if they're not perfectly trained as an ST. 2 - The MCs' job in this formation is to shield the backline and provide a link to the front 4. If my MCs are regularly getting into scoring positions, then they're not where they're supposed to be. Set plays aside, I really wouldn't be expecting much in the way of goals. 3 - I use what fits my tactic, not what the player is best at. Of course, I like to acquire players who's attributes, and thus "best" role fits what my tactic demands, but I'd much rather have a not quite optimal player doing the right job, than a player doing a non-optimal job that he happens to be really good at. So, if you want to play with an attacking LB, don't be at all afraid to play Shaw as a CWB. Provided his attributes aren't utterly inappropriate (say, if he had 5 for dribbling and crossing, which I'm pretty sure isn;t the case), he should be fine there if it's the right role for your tactics.
  8. I had a lot of success a few FMs back with an asymmetric diamond like this: GK DL DC DC DR DM ML MC AMC ST ST Haven't tried it in 16, though I would imagine it would be OK with suitable roles and team settings. Also, the asymmetric 4231 comes up every now and then (and I believe is a preset in game? I know it used to be)
  9. I'm not that kind of manager really. I set the system based on what I want to see my players doing, not who my best players are. I won't completely ignore what I've got available to me (e.g. I won't play a back 3 if I've only got 2 half decent centre backs), but the players fit into the system, not the other way around. My problem currently is I can't decide what system I want to play
  10. Yeah, I was a little surprised just how well we ended up doing. This year, I wasn't expecting to really be in a relegation fight, but I was thinking maybe mid-table at best, but it seems like everything just clicked. The first half of my first season in the Championship was tough, but we went on a great run of form during the winter which got us clear of the drop, then we pottered along to the end of that year with reasonable form. To some extent things were the same this year - the start wasn't bad by any means, but it was a little slow with a lot of draws, before really picking up in November and December (I won manager of the month for the former). The big difference this time round was really having a quality striker. In half a season, Dahle has 3 more goals than anyone managed in the entire of the previous season, and he's joint top on the team's assists list. I would recommend him to everyone, but unfortunately he's a regen And though they might not be a FL club at the beginning, Bournemouth sure as hell are now (though hopefully not for too long). How things were 3.5 years ago ain't that relevant any more I haven't played any games with them yet, but I've had a look over the squad, and it really appears the AI has trouble with squad rotation (half the team need a rest, the rest have 100% fitness....), which might help explain why things tend to start to pick up for me a few months into the game. Bit torn on what to do tactics wise. On the one hand, there's a temptation to just keep what was working for me at Cambridge, but at the same time, I've been using that for a while now, and feel like something different. Maybe a possession based 4-5-1/4-3-3, which would seem to suit my new players reasonably well. I'll probably need to bring in a couple of players - they're a little light on central midfielders and creative strikers - but there's a lot of budget left. Maybe see if my scouts think my old protege Felix Myhre would be good enough.
  11. Cambrige - January 2019 update Well, my second season in the Championship is well under way, reaching the halfway point last night. And things are going pretty well. Our defense is a bit shaky, hence the number of draws but we're fantastic going forward this year. New signings Dahle and Jensen are a huge part of this, setting in right away, with the former on 13 goals so far. Not bad for a 18 year old who's previous first team experience was about a dozen games in Norway. And that good league form has just been topped off by a 4-0 hammering of Sunderland in the FA cup. I'm still using a 4-4-2, though I've started mixing things up style wise, retaining the counter attacking style which has served me so well for matches against the top teams in the division, but using a much more attacking, pressing game against the weaker teams. So, the future is looking pretty bright for Cambridge. Playoffs are a real possibility, and maybe even an outside shot at automatic promotion. What could go wrong? Well, the answer to that is probably gonna be me. Yeah. Just relegated last season, with a good squad and lots of money, Bournemouth want me to kickstart their rather disappointing season which has them currently sitting in 12th. It's been fun at Cambridge, but this is the kind of job offer that will really take my career forward, so I'm gonna have to accept. This is how my three and a half years went stats wise, accompanied by two promotions, including winning League 1. Still, Bournemouth are most definitely in the Football League, so I see no reason for me to stop updating here
  12. Cambridge Update - Summer 2018 and early season A couple of days after my last post here, I got some pretty major news in that we're building a new stadium. It's not that big (just shy of 14k), but given we were averaging 98% attendance, and the club's finances were pretty healthy, it seems a sensible decision from the board. Sadly, I've not done enough yet to get it named after me, and instead they've gone for the phenomenally inventive "Cambridge Stadium". On the subject of spending money, by my standards, I was positively flashing the cash this transfer window, with no less than three players being bought for a combined total of over £500k, along with a few of the usual free transfers. However, I made most of that money back with the sale of George Ray to Rangers. He was very good for us last year, but he wanted to go, and it wasn't a bad offer, so I said OK and replaced him with a Finnish CB of similar quality by the name of Nieminen for less than a 10th of the price. Steffan Jensen I mentioned in my previous post - a Norwegian regen winger - and he was joined by another member of the U-19 team that won the European championships a year ago in the form of striker Mats Oliver Dahle. Nadeau and Rieble strengthen the defense, while the other two are hot prospects my DoF picked up. I was a little reluctant to let Hughes go, as he was one of the originals from when I took over, and my captain, but the Championship was probably just a bit too much for him. He's actually joined Ebbsfleet since, and he should do a fantastic job for a team of their level. The season has started very well, with me only losing once in the first 11 league games, though we've drawn more than we've won. Did a little better in the league cup than last year, winning our first game, before again being knocked out by lower league opposition, this time Walsall, who won 2-1 with a winner deep into extra time. The new signings have been pretty good, especially the two Norwegian kids - Jensen is averaging 7.4, while Dahle has 6 goals and the same number of assists in 11 games.
  13. For something possibly a little leftfield, I had a test game in FM15 where I used Arsenal to try out various tactical ideas before implementing them into my main save, and Ozil was absolutely fantastic as a creative striker. Playing him as a DLF(s) or F9 worked perfectly, as, even though, IIRC, he's not completely trained as a striker, he has pretty much perfect attributes for those roles.
  14. You've admitted that there is an issue with crossing. It is having a significant impact on many (not all certainly, but a good number clearly from the replies in threads like this). I don't' see how what I said isn't factual.
  15. I don't hate the game. I enjoy it (if I hated it, I wouldn't be spending time on here). And I don't expect it to be perfect. But I expect all the major issues to be fixed at some point - after all, I paid for the game. In this case in particular, there is clearly a significant flaw that the devs themselves have admitted, and instead of fixing it, they are washing their hands of it and moving onto next years game. And frankly, that's a **** poor attitude.
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