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  1. That's weird....I just bought it on Voidu with the BLUEWINTER code for £24.45 (26.37 Euros)....
  2. I used to only use IFs if they were "wrong" footed, but through a combination of injury crises and wanting to play good players even if they didn't quite fit my system as I envisioned it, I've been coming round to playing "right" footed IFs in '16 (and, conversely, "wrong" footed players as wingers). I still seem to get a good number of goals out of them, as well as perfectly acceptable overall performances. All other things equal, I would still probably favour playing a right footed IF on the left and vice-versa, but I wouldn't play an inferior player in that role just because of his footedn
  3. Um, yeah, you're probably right there. Wouldn't be the first time I've mixed those two up in an attempt at a helpful on these forums
  4. It's pretty varied. Adaptability does indeed play a part, as does how frequently the player is playing in his new position.
  5. Excellent thread (as usual) Cleon. I've been using a counter attacking 4-4-2 as my main formation as Cambridge in League 2, and it's been pretty effective, though there's definitely some ideas here that I'll take on board to see if I can get even more out of it. In particular, skimping on the attacking roles makes sense. I have several in there to ensure that my players get forwards when counter-attacking, but now that it's been pointed out, it seems rather obvious that the counter attack itself would achieve that, while going onto more support roles should make me more defensively stable. Sti
  6. It's an asymmetric 451/433. I'll try to remember to get some screenshots when I get home this evening, but here's what I can remember off the top of my head: ...........DLF(s) IF(a) ........BBM...MC(a)....WM(s) ............DLP(d) WB(s)..DC(d)..DC(d)..WB(a) Fluid/Counter TIs: Short passing, push higher up, work ball into box, play out of defense (maybe one more I forget) Can't remember PIs (I think there's a couple) Now, I know that the MC are both pretty aggressive, pushing forward often, but I've found this is not an issue with regards to passing due to the DLP providing a link bet
  7. I do want him to play out from the back. The problem is really that he stays level with the CBs even when the CBs have the ball [this is only after the keeper has distributed it short - he doesn't drop back during a passage of play]. I want him to move into the DM position in that case, to give my CBs passing options that don't involve going sideways along my penalty area. Once the ball has moved forward one way or the other, he moves into his "correct" position and once he's in that DM position, he links up things perfectly. He just takes too long to get there in this particular case of keepe
  8. Is there any way to stop a playmaker (DLP/Reg) in the DMC position dropping back into the defense when my keeper has the ball? It's kinda annoying, as if he does it, when either he, or a defender is given the ball, his usual position is completely vacated, leaving me without an obvious (short) outlet to move the ball forward. If he moved forward as soon as the keeper has passed the ball it wouldn't be too bad, but he doesn't. Instead he stays deep until the ball has left the defense. Particularly if the opposition is pressing, this often ends up with him and the two DCs passing the ball backwa
  9. Cleon doing a post on my favourite formation? And focusing on being defensively solid? Yes! Yes! Yes! Anyway, yeah, I'm a big fan of the diamond, though up to a couple of seasons ago in my career game, I hadn't tried it in FM14. An injury crisis amongst my wingers for a cup game made me give it a shot, and it was extremely effective so I've been playing it since, spending the first few months tweaking quite a bit, before settling into a pretty stable tactic that's achieved a good amount of sucess (won League 1 at a canter, albeit as favourites, followed by 8th in the Championship, 1pt off t
  10. Probably been asked before, but does in game performance affect player development? Either in terms of how well the player performs overall, or what he does during the game (eg a player who makes a lot of passes becoming better at passing)?
  11. I would check this in FM, but I'm at work plotting my next piece of tactical genius rather than actually playing the game, but how do half-backs perform if positioned directly in front of a centre half? e.g. in the DMCL/R positions with a conventionally placed CB pair as opposed to the central DMC position between the defenders. Does the CB drift to one side? Or does the HB fall back diagonally? Or do the just end up on top of each other?
  12. Does the PPM "runs with ball down xx flank" (or whatever the exact wording is, I'm nto at my FM computer atm) have any impact if a player isn't playing on that side? I've currently got a player who has the right side version of that PPM, but can play in either ML or MR and I'm planning on using him mainly for the former.
  13. I was thinking about random FM stuff, and I realised that, ever since the TC was introduced, I can't once remember using a DLF(A), and I can't really see where I would. If I want a creative striker, I want them dropping off, linking up and taking up the support role (DLF(S), TM(S), CF(S), Treq - even with the attack duty he's more like a support player). If I want a goalscorer, I want them looking to push forward - AF, TM(A), CF(A), Poacher. And if I need someone to help out my team by pressing hard on their defenders, well, that's what the defensive forward is. But I don't see where the DLF(A
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