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  1. Got fired after two seasons in a save but that wasn’t too much of a problem as it was just getting a feeling for the game. My actual save is a created club. Looked at a list of German cities that are poor/have a low GDP and bottom of that list was a city called Suhl. Born from this was FC Suhl 20. A club created in the hopes of raising the fortunes and economy of this beautiful - yet desperate - city. A city which, in times past, was a leading manufacturer of metal-works. Inspired by this, the team has adopted the nickname “Die Schmiede” (translated to mean The Forge/The Blacksmiths)
  2. Just had my game crash and restart as I was creating a kit on the Create-a-Club mode. Some additional information incase it helps in anyway: Starting in the Third Div of Germany. Have 6 other nations loaded (top leagues and viewable only): England, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Argentina. Edit: Going for attempt number two, will update if it crashes again.
  3. Just got in from work. Even though I have endless and unrelenting hate for both my job and my gaffer, that shift at least got me closer to BETA TIME. The perfect tonic for my “ailment”.
  4. DM: Half-Back CM: Mezzala CM: Mezzala That was my midfield in a 4-3-3 and it served me extremely well. Always had at least one CM go double-figures in both goals and assists, whilst the other wouldn’t be too far behind.
  5. Miles on his way to press the release button, knowing he has peace for another year and not being harassed with tweets about the Beta release.
  6. Getting ready for 8am to try and snag a pre-order of the Series X. It currently has over 100 people “watching” it, so gonna have to be quick. Not sure how much stock they are getting of it, but I’d be surprised if was enough to satisfy the demand of 100-200 people.
  7. Neil and the boys trying to convince Miles that going round and cleaning house on all the self-entitled jabronis isn’t good for business.
  8. This definitely has idle time. Have been occasions were I have woken up after falling asleep and FM was still running. Also a few times when I've left it on (in a rush) when I've went to work. If I had to hazard a guess to actual hours spent playing, I'd still go for around 3.5k though.
  9. I’ll remain optimistic. They said they might have to release it outside normal hours, that COULD be as late as 8pm/9pm. Plus, Mr. Brock didn’t say it wasn’t coming out, so there’s always hope.
  10. Just baited myself. My mouse did a double-click and I saw a window pop up to install an FM, but it was FM20. Unfortunate times.
  11. I carry on my beta save. Never encountered a game-breaking issue from doing so. Also, close to 150 people here. The hype train is gathering serious steam!
  12. That’s what I was leaning towards more, to be honest. Something different to the usual England LLM save.
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