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  1. That’s a fair point :) But even starting higher up, I’ve never had a problem ^^
  2. I’ve never had an issue starting on the beta and carrying on into the full release. Replaced FC United with my own created club. Got rid of all the players and staff and started totally fresh. Despite being favourites for relegation, I’m currently 10th after 15 games - 2 points off the P/O - so it’s going well :D
  3. Had a feeling that might have been the only option. Thank you for the swift reply though! :D
  4. Hey, friends. So, this year, I’m doing a CAC save starting from the bottom league. I wanted to replace the team predicted to finish bottom - which was FC United. However, I completely forgot the supporters own/run the club and it seems they hold elections to vote on who they want as next general manager. Does this mean I could never get a sugar daddy/billionaire owner or would that person still be able to buy club off the supporters? Thanks in advance for any answers :D
  5. Whilst I would love the Beta to be out tonight, it could be worse - there could be no Football Manager game. I for one am thankful and appreciative that we have an FM game to look forward to. On the plus side, my laptop hasn’t reset in 24 hours of waiting, so tomorrow will give it another 24 hours to reset 🤞🏻
  6. Well, because my laptop is taking forever to reset (wanted it to feel brand new for FM19, even though it’s only a year or so old) I’ll probably never play the beta anyway -.-
  7. I was about to suggest doing CAC at the very bottom. I’ve spent the past 6 iterations of the game taking Shrewsbury Town to glory. But, this year, I want to create my own history from the very start :D Maybe start unemployed or utilise the ‘Pick a random team for me’ option :)
  8. I’ve been inspired by DrBenjy’s Thames save and I’m going to create a club and start at the very bottom. Gonna see which team is predicted to finish bottom of the Vanarama North, rebrand them and my year it set. I end my two weeks off work on the 20th Oct, so if the beta could release before then, I can smash a few days in
  9. Sorry for the slow reply, mate. I was in the Championship at the time. Yeah, he was straight in there. To be fair, I’ve invested a lot in to my youth. If I remember, I’ll log on to my PC tomorrow and show you a 17-y-o striker I have
  10. Just got a second 'golden generation' and this is the best player from it: He's probably not the best ever, but, damn, he's good!
  11. For me, I want a tactic that is solid in defence. Goals may win matches, but clean sheets stop you losing them. If someone at the start of a Premier League season said to me: we can guarantee you a clean sheet in all 38 games or that you will score at least 1 goal in all 38 games, I would take the 38 clean sheets. That way, I know at minimum I’m getting 38 points. However, scoring one goal every game doesn’t guarantee me the win, because I could lose every game 2-1. I know it’s not necessary for all positions or roles, but high stats for determination, work rate and teamwork are important to me.
  12. By this logic, I’m extra-awful. Won’t be long before I’m 10 seasons of fighting just to avoid relegation in the Championship. For me, the AI are fine how they are. More than challenging enough. On old FM’s I could make my way from League Two/League One to PL in 10 seasons as the AI fell off. This FM I’ll be lucky to finish top-half of the Championship. FeelsBadMan D:
  13. I’ve had the board go over me on a couple of players but thankfully my protesting of the transfers was accepted and I’ve kept my players. The players I think will be big I’ll more than likely keep and play where I can. The ones I am 50/50 on I’ll loan out and let them get their football albeit at a lower level. The guy I showed in the previous post, I actually had a £6m bid on (not all upfront) but I managed to resist and reject. Hopefully in the future he can be more than that in value and I can justify rejecting that offer.
  14. This is pretty much my life throughout the summer window (and sometimes January) I mean, I know in real life, a young player performs well and a few bigger clubs take a look at him and debate whether they want to make an offer. But, this guy hasn't played any competitive games and it's not like he's lit up the league. The worst part is I should probably take that £3m and run, but he must have some decent potential for clubs offering that much for him based on pretty much nothing. And, this happens to more than just this guy. I have about 8-12 youth players all with (potentially, I must stress) 4*-5* ability in the future. This isn't a complaint about it, just incase people think it is. I'm just curious to know if other people experience this and, if so, do they take the money or see how good the player actually becomes.
  15. @kireel I used to be as frustrated as you, friend. But, I’ve come to accept that I will struggle for a long time trying to get from the Championship to the PL on my save (I am already about 8 seasons in a row in this division). I expect now to struggle in most games and those lower expectations make losses easier to swallow Edit: A fine example just occurred. Lost away to bottom-of-the-table Chesterfield 3-0. Any other time I’d have been fining my players left, right and centre. But now instead, I’m just like ‘unlucky lads’ and moving on.
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