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  1. Belotti is usually picked up by Chelsea and he is goal machine. always scores against me. Dybala is a great addition, but he is almost certainly sold by the end of first season and after that almost impossible to buy him. You can declare an interest and wait for around couple months to unsettle him, and you can get fee lowered but his wages and agent fees do cost an arm and a leg. But, he is worth the trouble. Icardi, you can pick him up cheap at first summer window. He is a beast and works very well with Dybala. The problem is these players are either first year signings or never. so you have to make plans for players getting sold and etc, earlier to make funds for them.
  2. I sell Can at start of every save. usually Bayen or PSG offers me great money. I play with USD, so dont know Pound equivelant but I get around 45-50Mil in cash. Flanagan as well goes out Southampton offers me the best cash 25.5M in US Dollars. Markovic also goes for 17M in cash to Hull or Leicester. Bogdan also goes for around his value, when he recovers from injury. Then I buy Eric Dier he costs a lot, but so versatile! I can play him defender or DM rotating with Hendo. He costs me 85M in US dollars. then there is this guy transfer listed every save from Barcelona at start, Andre Gomes a Portuguse midfield player who can almost play anyhwere in midfield and young. he costs around 10M. a bit high on wages though bu worth it, almost feels like a steal. Usuallly this is how I start my season, then comes the question of sticking to real life players or going fantasy. If Fantasy then first thing I do is getting Dybala in. this means play as much Salah then sell him to make way for Dybala. then I go crazy Delle Alli etc, and after 2 seasons no fun left anyway now that Coutinho is gone, I cant bring myself to play the game again when he is on the squad list, waiting for transfer update.
  3. I have just started my career save, having major problems with spurs bidding my players and unsettling them. so far Lovren and Emre Can is unhappy. I tried to find a replacement but my targets are uninterested from lack of European Football. So far I have bought Will Hughes and Tyrone Mings they are both backups. Kinda frustrating have the cash but no quality to spend on. and so many Injuries at start. anyway lets see where we head to, I`m still in pre-season of first season. Trying to fine tune my tactic and shape the coaching staff.
  4. I feel like I`m becoming more like Wenger, always looking for bargains and not paying the odds. Well, this time I want some German connection, so splashing the cash on Gotze and Ter-Stegen. If I can move on some players for good money, then I will try my luck on Reus as well.
  5. how do you intent on playing Gotze? i wanted to buy him but his wage demands made me say a lot of curse words....
  6. I got 14 squad players availabe, other 10 are injured out and its all long term. too many tired and players in need of a rest. this is really low. I`m dropping points too much, lets see if the board sticks with me.
  7. why dont you take full control of the squad from first season, and assert your mark earlier? you can turn a 30 million player maybe to 60 million player.
  8. yeah I gave up on shaw, but finally I got an offer for Kane get accepted, he was unhappy after my offer of 90 million USD got refused, and 6 months later after spurs failed to qualify for europe they accepted 59 million USD
  9. Hi lads just bought the game, in second season now. was wondering how do you get Luke Shaw and Harry Kane? I used to buy them easily in fm2015 now their clubs dont sell for all the riches i throw at them, neither they get unsettled. I know in real there is no way to get a player from Man Utd but used to do so in fm 2015. My best player is Clyne at the moment along with Coutinho. Benteke was solid, sturridge and ings didnt perform to my expectations. but sold Benteke as i thought i could get Kane, but no luck.
  10. I really got a great team now second season, basically i can put 2 teams and try to rotate them to keep them happy.
  11. yeah I must agree coutinho is great this year. i had good use of Lallana as well. too bad he is too injury prone and hardly can be fit for 2 fixtures a week. but for me hendo is a a beast, allen too plays solid and consistent.
  12. oh boy the only player who wasnt injured this season, was mignolet and now he is gone for the rest of the season, and i got real madrid QF games coming up, stuck with brad jones who hasnt started a single game... guess this is it for me this season. will try to secure a 3rd place finish.
  13. I had to accept it, i was rdy accept leicester bid around 10m in the summer, 30m was a huge bonus. i gotten neves and odeggard, seems he was transferred to brondy so had to pay 5m for him as well. bank balance is on negative so couldnt get a striker but will try to adjust with sterling now. neves on his debut scores an own goal
  14. I sold lambert at the beginning of january window. mario and sturridge should be available within a month, so i guess i will sell borini. and try sterling in that role. aspas and sinclair are out on loan. i will bid for ruben neves before he signs a new conrtact and become more expensive.
  15. I started a new save, as always I tried to sell Borini to raise some cash. Leiceser, made an offer and I accepted much to my dismay he rejected them. I was left fuming and cursing. Anyhow suddenly all my strikers got injured, I had to put Borini on. He scored a hattrick. and he started producing from then on. Whilst he is transfer listed on last day of january transfer window, real madrid offered 30m plus 30% of profit from next sale. what shall I do? my strikers are out injured but offer is good and I need cash. Munir signed a contract so I can not sign him. but the offer is good.
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