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  1. Presumably SI could just make a generic song that you could then mod yourself.
  2. The wayward shooting aside, I'm enjoying this version more than any other.
  3. Good. I'm not going mad afterall. Something I am noticing now are a lot of high scoring games. At first I just thought it was my rock n roll style of football, but it seems to be across leagues. Maybe because of more accurate shots and more lethal strikers......
  4. So you are saying something has changed or its the same? Cause if its the same then yes the placebo effect has worked on both me and my team.... ...well looking at the Bug reports section it would seem that I am wrong and that nothing has changed. I won't tell my players though, cause they are playing out of their skin at the moment........
  5. Last season my team lost 5, drew 1 and won 13 Premier League games away from home. The losses were against Man U, Man City, Arsenal, Newcastle and Chelsea. The draw was against Southampton. This season is the same so far - lost against Utd, City, Arsenal and Liverpool but have beaten everyone else. I think teams are more fired up when you are playing at their place, particularly if you beat them last time, but otherwise I don't see a problem.
  6. There are no longer any stupidly wayward shots My forwards are no longer (well not always) just mindlessly smashing it straight at the keeper. I haven't seen a single stupid corner given away since the update. I havent seen a player pass the ball when there is an obvious chance of scoring. Before the update my forwards would regularly do their upmost to avoid scoring. I haven't seen any goalkeepers have an uncontrollable body spasm just before the opposition shoots yet, although that one was quite rare. Penalty taking seems better. Even one under huge pressure. That mi
  7. I've played a number of games and it is improved. They aren't in the changelist.
  8. After 1 game Wayward shooting seems to be fixed. Seems to be some good decision making now. My forwards seem to be taking chances they previously just hit straight at the keeper. No stupid corners given away.
  9. I kept Mark Noble as West Ham club captain until he retired. He rarely played, but he killed all player concerns dead in their tracks so he was worth his weight in gold.
  10. I have had a few go out for a throw. Sadly the bugs forum suggests its 'under review', so I doubt it'll be fixed in this version. My other pet peeve is the tendency for a player to head or pass it backwards instead of two yards into the net. Seems to be some odd decision making.
  11. Apologies if it has already been suggested. I did a quick look but found nothing. At the moment crowd sounds are based on match events. It would be more immersive if occasionally they broke into a song. It would be even more immersive if you then allowed that song to be modded to a particular team. Game players could then mod it to their favorite team - "You'll never walk alone" etc.
  12. - Use your wingers to mark the RB and LB. - Always close down, tight mark and tackle hard the AMC. Also close down and tackle hard any playmaking MCL or MCR. If they are playing with a DM instead of an AMC then use your AMC to mark him. - Make sure your LB and RB have high pace and acceleration. Ideally your CB's too if you have a high defensive line.
  13. I don't buy anyone over 24 years old. A hot prospect search is for anyone under 25. If you wanted to include established players then you'd just tweak the search criteria.
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