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  1. The way I see it: the staff have innate knowledge of nations, and you can send out scouts to improve their knowledge, but they can only keep 2-3 nations at 100%. Scouts on roaming assigments look only at nations in which they expect to find players. You can set them manually to get the knowledge of smaller (weaker footballwise) nations. To get full scouting knowledge, you'd need to get 100% of every nation. And small nations, without loaded leagues, have barely any (decent) players.
  2. I've been using one (unique) formation for 20 years, I'm now arguably the best club in the world, I haven't seen anyone else use my formation. Maybe it's not in their predefined formations ;-)
  3. What league are you in? Do you have leagues in countries like Germany and France loaded? I'm in 2034 with Podbeskidzie (Polish Ekstraklasa). Nowadays I'm among the most reputable clubs, I'm the favourite to win the Champions Cup, while I pay my players around 1/6 of what clubs like Real Madrid pay their players, in big part due to my club using almost solely home-grown players (two guys in the current first team, which is composed of 40 or thereabouts players, joined me when 21). My current situation is different from yours, but here is what it looks for me now: I have the top European and
  4. Right, that piece of info is in Finances. You can quickly get there by clicking on the arrow between the search and FM icons and choosing Finances -> your nation.
  5. Go to your league's screen, and you can access the league's stats through the right-side menu from there.
  6. League reputation seems closely tied to European coefficients. I'm Podbeskidzie in 2034, we're arguably the best team in the world, with one of the highest reputations, the Polish league is 8th in coefficients and reputation. Many players aren't interested in moving to my club. I can't say I have noticed people not wanting to join me because of reputation. I had Dzagoev (before 30), Douglas Costa, Kagawa and Özil (both around 35) playing for me, from those I remember.
  7. Now two players with the clause got sold further on, and I am getting more money monthly than I should be getting from my direct sales alone.
  8. I sometimes have problems seeing the while ball on bright fields - changing to 2d view (classic) helps.
  9. I take advantage of the fact that during such throw-ins players position themselves as at corner kicks. My winger usually throws a short ball to my two-footed IF, who, usually unopposed, shoots from the distance, crosses, passes to the player lurking outside (who can shoot from the distance or pass creatively) or returns the ball to the winger, who can do much the same. Sometimes my winger throws directly to the player at the near post, to the one lurking outside or just into the penalty area, which can also result in goals.
  10. Their CA can still improve. My fullback was still raising his CA at 29. See: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/387768-Effect-of-Ambition-Professionalism-Determination-and-Workrate-on-CA-growth?p=9534668&viewfull=1#post9534668
  11. In Poland players from outside the European Union stop being foreign when they get Polish citizenship, and I don't think it's different in other nations.
  12. Steam for Linux bundles its own libs, so the distro (version) shouldn't matter much.
  13. They say that coaching and mental stats influence star ratings, while Working with Youngsters and Man Management affect training results alone.
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