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  1. hello again, i am here with brand new suggestions. let me know what u think. 1) when u are in club lets say 5,7,10 years or more and you plan to exit for new team - you can recommend your succesor to the board (SAF - Moyes) 2) contract clauses. champions league clause / non-selling clause for team from same league/country / 3) transfers: overhaul instalments. not dividing to months but to years and months.. i wanna more complicated instalments..more in deep. 4) MOOORE media !!!! transfer rumours about your player, not just during transfer window deadline day. 5) MOOOORE in deep relationship with player - substitution reaction, benching reaction (both when player is on indispensable status) , more player reaction after game !! not just when u slam the team 6) MOOOOORE (AI controlled) media interviews with players before/after match . after training. F*CK engine, F*uck useless inovations . i and i think we all (who using brain) want more realistic enviroment, not "realistic" engine... i play only commentary. i want new text phrases. 7) To Miles Jacobson. what about some new deal with sky sports... i would be fantastic to employ sky sports into the game. interviews, pundits, reactions... etc etc.. just stop for one second and tell me honestly. wouldnt be this more realistic than crashing your head and brain cells to repeatedly try to improve engine which is and always be fundamentaly unrealistic ????
  2. hello. i add my suggs.: 1) FM creators MUST follow real-life discoveries... u wanna keep your game the best ? apply more contract clauses... like champions league clause (suarez case). when u have player worth 60m and u dont wanna sold him,he could want sign new contract only with champions league clause.when ur team wont make it into CL, player can be sold to anyone except your league for pre-set amount 2) logic: i send player on loan, and between transf.windows i receive and accept offer from same club to sell him (so he will leave in next transf.window) so assistant dont have to remind me that their manager not playing him so much according loan details agreement. i dont give a damn if he plays there or not, since he will leave... 3) this new transfer negotiating featurette is not actractive. i wanna exactly the same system as in contract negotiating with my player... not just one-two shots and done... 4) scouting. if i send 3 or 9 scouts to world cup or similar huge tournament 90% of these scouts send me constantly the same players. i wanna have chane to send "this" scout for group A, this scout to group B, etc. 5) backup gk should have his mouth shut when he plays max 10 games per season.
  3. my ideas: 1) in tactics when you set shooters for freekicks, you should have option to constantly randomize these shooters. for example. from left side you choose lampard,oscar and luiz. in match they will always "talk" before the shoot who is gonna take this freekick. understand ? like in real... now you set 1st shooter, 2nd shooter and so... they never change, kicks takes only firts in list... too bad. 2) transfers: like in real, you should have option to first discuss personal terms with player (of course only when clubb allowed to do so) and then discuss with club about price. 3) training. please rewamp training. do you really think that clubs train ONE ASPECT of game ALL WEEK ???????
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