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  1. Been thinking about junking this save anyway and starting elsewhere so ill give it another crack. Im using FM touch so cant do individual talks, or any talks really for that matter.
  2. interesting, the wingbacks looks about the same, lots of assists from there, but id not get anything like that kind of AR for the DCs, at least one of them would commit a goal conceding error almost every game. also didnt see anywhere near those sorts of numbers for the attackers.
  3. 3 seasons in, signed left and right midfielders, a better goalie, a better centre half and a better striker
  4. Stuck with the oxford for a whole season with west ham, won 13, drew 9, lost 16. GD -1, finished 9th. Seemed to do well against teams around the same level but struggled against the teams fighting at the bottom and the ones competing at the top.
  5. i do tend to do that if we take a solid lead, usually concede a goal or two in the first half though
  6. is that with the version posted in the screenshots earlier in the thread? Just only conceding 8 goals in 12 games seems quite good from my experience with the tactics.
  7. im not finding FM touch any less demanding, slightly moreso in a way, im constantly trying to work out whats going wrong with tactics but am unable to watch the full match.
  8. thanks for the suggestion, cant download any tactics though as im on fm touch. Also was really hoping to break the cycle to be honest. Im into my 3rd seasons at the moment and ive had to develop or download a new tactic every 2 to 3 months as, as i say, we play well for a few games and then go on a terrible run for twice as long.
  9. really liked the look of this for my West Ham save, but its followed the identical pattern to every other single tactic ive built or downloaded. Looks good for 3 or 4 games and we play well, this one in particular had encouraged some lovely interchanges amongst the AMs and the striker, some really lovely goals. But, then, as usual, we go on a horrible run of not playing well and losing constantly, all the fluidity has gone, until i switch the tactic up again. Rinse. Repeat. Thinking it might just be time to knock this edition on the head.
  10. PLEASE let us turn off automatic opposition instructions, its driving me mad. Took me a season of banging my head against the wall before i noticed the reason players were doing weird things was because my assman was telling them to close people down and tight mark people. Also being able to watch whole matches would be nice.
  11. Im three seasons into a prem save with west ham and ive just noticed in the second and third season, the fixture list is a mirror image. As in, we play all the teams home or away once, then the second half of the season is the exact same pattern with the corresponding home or away fixture. is this supposed to be the case? I could do without playing arsenal, man city, liverpool and chelsea back to back twice in a season tbh.
  12. Just wanted to added my two cents, i think the ME is definitely going in the right direction, though its always going to have its issues, im definitely less frustrated witht he game by this point compared to the same time with FM14. However, i want to add my voice to the list of folks who are really not satisfied with the tactics screen, ive tried to give it a go and get used to it but its just not intuitive at all. i find myself having to regularly click back and forth between tactics and squad screen just to do basic selections for matchday. that shouldnt have to be the case.
  13. if anyones got any actual pointers on how to deal with this issue id be appreciative also. im playing a 4-1-2-2-1 with west ham and have been conceding the vast majority of my goals from their wide midfielder knocking it to the far post for their opposite wide midfielder to stick it away in unopposed with the ball sailing over the head of the other 3 defenders. ive tried telling the defenders to close down the wingers more to stop the crosses, no difference. ive tried getting my full backs to specifically mark the wide men, no difference, in fact it almost seems worse, just lost 4-3 to sunderland conceding 3 goals from adam johnson knocking it over to giaccherini one thing i have noticed is when my decent dribblers get the ball and go on a run they tend to get double/triple teamed by the opposition and crowded out, i cant seem to find a way to get that to happen in the reverse. leaving their dribblers 1-on-1 quite often, which im assuming is why im allowing so many crosses? But how do i get my team to double team a dribbler when he gets the ball? it cant be a case of setting multiple specific mark instructions, surely.
  14. played 5 matches with the new patch this evening, twice ive seen my keeper take a free kick from near our left corner flag and hit it straight to their AML loitering near our RB who takes it down and has a shot. TIs arent set to play out from the back and the keeper isnt instructed to pass to the defence either. Whys he keep doing this? EDIT: in fact, ive just had another look at the second one and hes not even near the corner flag, hes closer to the halfway line right by the touchline, why is the keeper even taking that?
  15. stamina between the 4 of them ranges from 12 to 14, so not great. i've been using 2 primary tactics, one with close down more and one without. even if they are using up their energy closing down though, surely that would be spread out through the rest of the team and not jsut the centrebacks?
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