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  1. PLEASE let us turn off automatic opposition instructions, its driving me mad. Took me a season of banging my head against the wall before i noticed the reason players were doing weird things was because my assman was telling them to close people down and tight mark people. Also being able to watch whole matches would be nice.
  2. Sorry if this has already been raised. Am i right in assuming that the higher/lower tempo settings affect the speed my team attempt to play at while in possession, not out of possession? Thats certainly how the explanation of the settings read to me in the TC. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thats a fair point, but the lack of goals is a bit worrying. Despite the 2 against an awful palace side, i only scored a decent goal in the first match of the season and the most recent. and that was when we were already 3 down. I know its kind of how the tactic is supposed to work, but we just arent threatening, even on the break. We're rarely even looking like getting near the opposition box let alone having any sort of decent attempts.
  4. I liked the look of this tactic, but im also finding it tough going, the board now want a good performance and result next match or im out. The defenders seem to be doing okay from open play but i keep conceding to the second or third ball in set pieces. Ive stuck with this tactic for the first 6 games this season, losing 5 and winning 1 against crystal palace. Ive scored 4 (2 against palace) and conceded 9, 6 of which have been as a result of corners or free kicks, one pen and just the 2 from open play against spurs, once on the break and one 90th minute wonder strike from 30 yards. Think
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