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  1. Morning Here is my current 4-2-3-1 in this tactical thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/418377-Kallemannens-Deep-4-2-3-1-%28CHeriksen-Bplay-tweak%29 Its a very sucessful tactic, but could be improved of course. What I would like to improve the most, is of course the AMC. Me, and other uses with this tactic, struggle with the AMC. Usually, my other attacking players get like 7.6 + avg. season rating. AMC ending up at like 7.1 Its an AP set to support, and if you look at the heat map, he acts more like a CM. The 4-2-3-1 Deep I made, is actually more of a 4-3-3. But I want
  2. Hey I think this is a positional problem and I will analyze this. I also get terrible results with my AMC.. Everton George Green is the only one that performed for me, Barkley doesnt not go well, 7.11 average season rating, to comprae with my other creative players who got like 7.55 + The thing about the AMC is, his AP(S) will make him defend as well and its needed. But I can try an attack duty too, but then the wingers need to come back somehow. Like, setting instructions on them to mark opponent full backs maybe
  3. Hello I train my players in the role they have on the pitch. It just works like a charm for me.. I dont know if it helps that much, but I think its very healthy for the tactical system. I do this for all players over the age 21. Now, as always, some players wont perform in traning, often you see them going down in every single attribute. Usually, a talk about traning will fix it "you have to train harder to stay in the club" And they will eventually get back. this can also happen due to training in a new position, or that the player "peaks" in an early age, and the player has to be bal
  4. "step by step" guide how to play.. and you are using Man U? you can win the league with the default formation no IG changes with a team like that...
  5. Might be so.. 4-2-3-1 (narrow AND wide) is a formation I expected to see a lot, but has faded this year. This made me do my own, based on ChritianEriksens ideas of drop and press. I use a 4-2-3-1 deep wide. never been a fan of the narrow, but 4-2-3-1 is lovley. 4-3-3 is quite obvioulsy the "formation of the year." People using 2 APs, now 2 CMs. Hoping to see more 4-2-3-1 tactics on 16!
  6. Hello guys. I usually like to have a 22 man squad. 2 Starting elvens basically.. 1 backup for every position. rotating a lot.. Well I would like to play more like in real life, with not much rotation. Maybe more like Mourinho. You know, the rotate in RL to, but too keep a bunch of great players happy and so, I have to rotate more than I want. Nothing wrong with rotation.. just thinking of cutting the squad and having some promising U21 players instead if things go downhill injury whise. But maybe like a 17 man squad? Would be more nice? Thinking of this: Formation: 4-2-3-1. Players:
  7. Nice team helmut! From Roma, 0-2 to Parma 1-1 you hade a bit of "drop of form". This is normal in a season. But when this happen, maybe after the loss against Fiorentina you should have a team meeting. Also dont forget to critize or bench bad form players. In 10 matches there, you had only 2 wins, So dont forget team meetings! Dont forget form talks Dont forget in game talks. No key moment in minute 25? = get creative score = concentrate concede = encourage striker missing chances, if hes out of form = encourage. If hes in form = (agressive) - demand more
  8. I never sell any players.. almost. There is just no need in the game. Transfers are so easy and they need to fix this. Since, if you are good at transfers, you are like, a light year better than the AI teams at building squads. Took millwall to Champions league title in 4 seasons Just get to know south america, and you will sign cheap beasts, argentina ,brazil
  9. This topic includes non-regen players as well, like, how the editors set the PA. Alright, not the most accurate headline but I did my best. What im talking about here is: As we all know, the biggest stars in football. The people we compare before matches, the people that are talked about. What position do they have? We all know, the full backs! Their splendid abil.... Or wait Of course.. im talking about the strikers. the goalscorers. Or the playmakers, the attacking wingers. people on this positions, are just the "best" in football. This can be argued. Theres some real greats CBs,
  10. Ok but, some people use player filters as the bible.. its only an approximation but sure, I can do one but it will just be, attributes I find are good, not needing to have some kind of 15 + or whatever rule FM:ers go by i will google how to make one
  11. 3rd with Werder bremen not bad I suppose You dont need any super advanced players except for ST and CDMs. You really need a strong offensive forward I think, passing is a +. But the regista role you need a very good passer/technican who is also good in def. DM role is important to be strong in def. Send me your current CDMs sceenshot? Maybe you have to transfer atleats 1 new! they are very important in this formation!
  12. Hey I have Romelu Lukaku as my main striker, Mitrovic as backup. Mitrovic is a really good backup, but Lukaku is one level higher, they are both goalscoring beasts, but I want to use Lukaku in like 35 + league matches if hes fit. The reason for this is, hes only 23 and he has already scored 120 goals in the Premier League, like 100 of them for everton. If he averages this form (30 + league goals per season) , he will have like 400 goals in the premiership and thats a record right? Shearer had 360 or somth right? So I want to make him a legend but keep mitrovic. Mitrovic is always on the
  13. Hey is it possible to buy him from Arsenal, end of 2016/2017? Arsenal are now in Europa league, dropped reputation to 4 star, 8th this season Im 4.5 star with Everton, champions league winner. And I want him as CB, maybe hes great at RB, but I got 2 great ones already, and I need a CB. His stats look nice, but he only has 7 aggression, is that a problem? otherwise his stats looks nice for a CB! So Calum Chambers users! How much did u pay for him? Anyone used him as CB?
  14. Is this still active? would appriciate someone giving my 4-2-3-1 a swing! full thread is here on the forum "kallemannens deep 4-2-3-1"
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