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  1. I think people misunderstood me when I mentioned the random "seed". This is a programming term, and it has to do with how random numbers are generated, and isn't nefarious in the least. When a program calls for a random seed, a number is returned. This number is never truly random, though. For example, if I write a program using a very basic programming language to print out ten random numbers and then I run it multiple times, I will get the same ten numbers in sequence every time it is run. However, I can give the Random Number Generator a "seed", so that it will vary the number. This seed ca
  2. I'll never understand why some people don't understand that people think differently than they do. Read the post, accept that they're not like you, move on.
  3. In some extremely rare cases, after 12 or 17 tries, this is true.
  4. We had a similar thread a couple of weeks ago, and I chimed in then with my experience. This does happen, but I think it's down to the Random Number Generator rather than any specific programming. If you do save immediately before the start of the match, the random seed is set, so some things are more likely to happen again and again. It will never be exactly the same, but weird results will happen. In my case, my first-place team suffered a 9-3 loss against a newly promoted side who otherwise scored ~20 goals all season - replayed twelve times until I won one. I didn't keep the win for my sea
  5. Right. You as a manager shouldn't care what reputation a staff member has as long as he'll sign for you (aside from DoF if you're using him to look for players). The staff member cares a great deal about his reputation in regards to salary, where he'll sign, etc...
  6. Three hours isn't a very long time to become impatient. Anyway, I don't think it actually has any bearing on training. For most staff, I think it just means that they won't consider lower league jobs if their reputation is too high. For a Director of Football, it's essential if he is to bring players into the club since he'll attract more quality players with a higher reputation. There may be other uses for the attribute, but that is all that I'm aware of.
  7. I had a Brazilian named Rierson, so naturally I nicknamed him Ned Ryerson. Amiright or amiright?
  8. I'm not sure if this is stupid or not, but here it is: I'm playing a team in Brazil, currently late in my third season and already clinched the league title and am awaiting Santos in the cup final. So I'm doing something right, but to be honest, I don't know exactly what it is (a couple of free transfers of four-star players(!) and selling my best player and using the money to buy two more four-stars helped). Anyway, I employ a 4-2-2-2 as my main formation (over 90% of the time) because when I inherited the team, that's really all that I could field. I've stuck with it and obviously it seems t
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