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  1. In FM13 I just sold a player for $22M (yes, USD), which is strangely the highest amount I've ever been offered in my Brazilian save. That's quite a bit of money for a Brazilian club, but I have 8 or 9 players with "Values" of $20M or higher (highest is $34M, same as Neymar at his peak). They would all be solid to very good in the EPL or any top European league, but I find it tough to generate interest in these players when I list and offer them (maybe they all "have no interest" in joining other clubs). I generally sell all of my second-best players in the $5M-$8M range and have been making a tidy profit for many seasons, but I am eagerly awaiting that one super-bid.
  2. They're not stupid - I can assure you that this decision is solely based on how much more money it will make them. They may want to give the appearance of "fair play", but they really couldn't care less if anything at all is fair as long as the money keeps flowing.
  3. Yeah, I get that, but there wasn't much difference in performance between league and Cup/Continental games. The State competitions were different (basically everyone had .5 or more higher ratings) as the State competitions are against ludicrously bad opposition. I guess that's where the difference could come from, but I would imagine that plenty of other good Brazilian teams have just as easy a time in their state as my team.
  4. I've been trying to work this out as well. I had three players make the Brazilian First Division Team of the Year, and (in the same year) six players make the South American Team of the Year (and two that made First Division didn't make South American). I have no idea how that happens. And yes, squad building is too easy.
  5. Tiebreakers in Brazil can be strange. In the First Division for example, Wins is the first tiebreaker, not Goal Difference.
  6. I tend to price them reasonably if I want to sell them, because I'd rather have them gone than wasting wages. If he's under 26ish, I'll insist on a percentage of future sale clause. If he's very young (under 20) and his value isn't that high yet (<1M), I'll switch it to percentage of profit clause, because teams seem more willing to accept a higher percentage and the difference usually more than makes up for the initial price.
  7. I take quite a while to complete a season. I check scouting every couple of weeks, check on loans every month, check my own staff and search for better every couple of months or so, evaluate individual training every month, check finances, tweak tactics, etc... constantly. So it probably takes me 70-80 hours of actual game time to complete a season if I mostly watch games on Key highlights, but if I'm testing out a new tactic or playing a particularly tough opponent, I'll watch the first 20-30 minutes on Full, which of course takes much longer.
  8. I agree that overall results probably aren't too far off of real life, but your reference to "ridiculous series of deflections or running through the fullbacks like they're not there" hit a nerve. It's for incidents like these that I can't stand to actually watch a full game. The 3-D depiction of what's happening on the pitch is truly awful at times. I see things in this game that would never actually happen: players standing on the ball for several seconds until a defender just comes and takes it; crosses from close to the touchline and behind the 18-yard line hitting the post (seriously - every match, FM13 or 14); GKs just watching a ball roll past them into the net. I could go on, but I'm sure we've all seen these. Some more than others, obviously, but they're there and they pretty much ruin any match I watch.
  9. The Special One has said he'd like to manage in the U.S.A. I'd like to point out that Atlanta is getting a team in 2017, and he may be tired of Chelsea by then. Just sayin'.
  10. , but it seems that if you bought it legitimately in England, you should be able to play it anywhere.
  11. Completely untrue if you develop your own players. My (very competitive) teams always have fully developed players by the time they're 22-23 - by the time they're 28 and their value is at maximum, they're usually sold.
  12. When the game crashes, always go into Steam and verify the integrity of the local files. Has fixed the crashes every time for me.
  13. You can always use the "Rest" function when players are coming back from injury.
  14. I see this a great deal. The worst being that Lukaku wasn't played for two full seasons (well, seven total appearances, and he wasn't injured), so I kept my eye on him for when he'd complain about playing time and demand to be transferred, and then I got a notice about him signing a four-year mega-deal. He sat on the bench the following season, too. Of course I'm not implying Lukaku is crap, just that the AI has no smarts about who to sign. If it did, it surely wouldn't have signed a player to a huge deal after averaging 3.5 appearances per year.
  15. Completely different kind of match, but my First Division team beat a non-league team in a Brazilian State match (not a friendly) 13-0, with my striker getting 8 goals. Very entertaining to watch.
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