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  1. Seriously??!! this is what some people want from FM. How is that fun?, How?, what enjoyment do you get out of that. this is the problem, people posting crap ideas! SI, don't waste your time with these type of ideas and listen to mine!!! </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Easy there ninja, you're not the only person buying it. The problem is bigotted people like you crapping on peoples idea's, get over yourself... You're asking how this is fun? Well it is, it sold the game to many people in an easy format. Football Manager wasn't always this detailed yet it still sold. My idea takes nothing away from the game, it'd be a preference you can add or take from the game as an option. I know far too many people who have stopped buying FM due it having too many frills now. Some people like to fly through the game with the simple settings, simplicity can be great fun... See a lot of people who buy FM don't come on the net or this forum and don't buy games for the PC. The thing with Football Manager is it attracts people who aren't gamers but will buy FM. So the simplicity of the earlier games was attractive in that anyone could play it.
  2. I'm not sure whether this has been mentioned or is embedded in the game but: A Simple Retro Version. An option which allows you to play the game like Championship Manager 2 or 97/98. I liked it when you could fly through a season in two days or so. There's to much going on in the new one and it's just not as vindictive as it used to be (imo). It takes far too long to play one match then another, too much time between matches. I mean surely you could release the game as it is and have the option to play a no-frills variant.
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