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  1. Sorry for my bad English: - Most of the crashes I had were when the days went by and I changed the display (using 3 fingers on the touchpad) - Today I had a crash when loading a match, this time it happened without a display switch - I always use spacebar to continue the game - During the FM I use: Skype, Chrome, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, WhatsApp NOTE: I noticed that the number of crashes is almost non existent if they wait for the full load of the days to end and then switch pages
  2. For me too, I crashed again when switching, this time for Skype EDIT: I played in windowed
  3. My crash occurs with any open program and I use page exchange only for multi-touch
  4. Hi @Neil Brock Do we have any news regarding the problem of frequent crashes?
  5. Yes, I always play switching programs and working Was testing with Chrome open and Safari closed, crashed again.
  6. Neil, I did some testing, I had several crashes with the Safari browser open. With Safari closed, so far I have not crash, I'm testing now with Google Chrome. I leave the suggestion to check some kind of conflict with another program running in parallel.
  7. Yes, I followed exactly the orientation EDIT: I do not know if it would help but I realized that the game starts to get lag and micro stuttering a little before the crash
  8. I will test during the day and return feedback with the subsequent result EDIT: For myself performing the requested procedure continued having frequent crashes. Please help us
  9. Hi Neil, I started to have crashes, second attempt and the game gives error and close
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