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  1. I've just tried to get that message back but it didn't appear today (and i've promote all my reserve team). It don't remenber the exact message but it said something like XX (Name of player) doesn't want to sign a full time contract for now. It generally appear when i'm trying to promote a player with a really good potential (same level or better than my first team), I just can't offer him a contract and a few days/weeks after, the player just disappear from my reserve team.
  2. Thanks for your answer! This is definitly harder than FMH 2013 where I was able to recruit amazing young players for free. I guess i'll have to try harder. But can you explain me why sometimes my grey players doesn't want to be promoted? I've seen a couple of guys who would be perfect for my first team but they refused my promotion and now they just disapeared from my reserve team.
  3. And now even players from my reserve team refuses my contract. How is that possible? ^^ (The good ones, who would help me a lot don't want contract) And for some reason I can't offer contract to players with a finishing contract.
  4. Hi, i'm getting some issues playing FMH 2014 on lower league. I usually like to play with an unknown team from lower league and bring them to the top. On FMH 2013 I recruit young players for free and loan some good players as well. With this method I was able to bring Real Union to the first spanish league and to Euro cup in 4 years. On FMH 2014, there are no young player for free, which is more realistic I have to admit, but nobody wants to loan their players to me. I am nom playing with Whitehawk and trying hard to loan good players, i always offers 100% of the salary. The only players that accept to be loan are worse than mine. I've tryed with players that worth 1M, 500k, 100k and even 50k...the only that accepted worth 4k... So I only recruit players from my reserve team. I'm now 1st on Skrill South at mid season, but I'm losing all my plays right now. If you guys have some advice it would be really nice because I love the new design of FMH 2014 but I enjoy more playing with 2013. Ps: sorry for my bad english.
  5. Please forgive me for my bad english, it is not my first language. Here's my problem : In FMH 2013 I usually recruit some young unknown players (15-18yo) for free, there were almost ten new player each season with decent skills. But in FMH 2014 I didn't see any single new player, free transfert are only player which contract is over, but never new player that never have a professional contract. Is this gonna be fixed?
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