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  1. You can only play the boxed version for mac.
  2. Mac any day of the week!
  3. Is there a mac version?
  4. I've got one at Notts County in the Premiership who specialises in radical treatments such as horse placenta therapy!
  5. What about the language barrier? I don't know tdturbo, I'm intrigued and excited by your samba adventure but also scared - it's big change and I'm not sure I'm ready...
  6. I have them in the Premiership in season 4 and he's still pumping the cash in. He gave me £20m to spend on a relegation battle upon my promotion. Great fun indeed!
  7. I've got a 2gb Mac book pro and it runs like a dream - with a large database as well.
  8. Maybe they should hire you and you could show them how to better their code?
  9. It was Oskarsson and he was absolutely amazing!!
  10. Nii Lamptey was a goal machine and Lance Kay was a brilliant keeper. I always used to enjoy seeing former Wolves legend Steve Bull leading the line for my Liverpool team
  11. I would do but something just happened to the dvd drive on my mac book and i can't get the game into the drive - it's blocked
  12. I never even thought of doing that - good tip.
  13. Will SEGA replace a scratched disk? I scratched it myself, just wondering if I'd need to buy the game again?
  14. This is a great story. I don't understand though, I thought there was a massive problem with regen attributes but you seem to be getting some really good players coming into your game.