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  1. First, two small "fixes" for the for the "match menus" (or whatever they are called): - When a player is substituted, make so not only his name is "greyed out" in the home/away stats screen, but also his stats. - In the split view when you are showing the pitch, make so that you can see numbers on the players as you can when viewing the pitch in "full screen". Here's one for "the board": - When you e.g. let them know you feel that the clubs training facilites should be improved, don't just have them tell you how they agree (or don't agree), have them make up plans for this. Then it could say in something like "the clubs training facilities will be improved during the summer", or "the clubs stadiums seating capacity is planned to be increased by 1200 seats sometime in the coming season", and stuff like that. Sometimes it feels like they are promising stuff which never happens, this improvement to the "board-manager communication" would change that. An improvement to scouting: - Perhaps you could assign a scout to follow a player (or perhaps a club, or several players in one area), and have them follow the players development over some time. "Young player blablabla has been making real progress in his technique lately, he might become a reallly good player for the club". This could also work in another way: - You ask the scout to go find you a "young midfield playmaker from Northern Europe, and he has six months to do it". He then goes to Northern Europe, finds some players who looks interesting (as it works now), but then instead of just recommending them to you right away, he follows a few of those players until the six months are over, and writes you a report on players he recommend. I'm not really sure what the best way to do it would be, but I just think it would be really good if a scout would not just recommend you players "out of the blue", but instead watch them over a period of time and then recommend them.
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