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  1. This is why I always untick "allow transfer budget in first window". The signings are too predictable. Try this and you'll see more variation.
  2. If a fix is to be released for this, I sincerely hope that the "skipped highlights when leaving tactics screen" bug, as well as the issue with overly high average rating for Centre Backs, is looked into for the patch.
  3. Thanks. Mid-jan and City are beginning to pull away. I'm 5 points behind. United a point behind us. On the bright side Torres has ended his goal drought and has scored 2 in 2. I'm having terrible luck with injuries though. Cech is injured for 3 months. i tried to loan Adan from Madrid but City beat me to him. Why they want him, I'll never know. Mata is out for 3 months. Falcao has 2 months left. Ba has gone for AFCON. I'm trying to get a keeper on loan. No point spending when we'll have to top keepers next year. Transfer in: Falcao Adriano (Barca) Transfer out: None yet
  4. So I wanted a relaxed save and chose chelsea but so far I'm really getting into it. I always used Man Utd at times like this and I'm very surprised about how thin the Chelsea sqaud is compared to United's. Anyway, I started without transfer in first window so I had to bring back malouda, benayoun and ferriera (excuse spelling) from the fringes. In december, I'm third, one point behind the two manchester clubs. Qualified 2nd to Dortmund in UCL but luckily I drew Porto. I agreed to sign falcao in january but just got news that he has torn his hamstring playing for At. Madrid (3 months ). So I have to find a way to get Torres to start contributing. I play Ba as advanced forward and he has no problem getting goals (14 in 22). Due to the share number of games chelsea have, i have to rotate alot, but Torres has scored 1 goal (a pen in the cup!!) all season. He is 20 hours without a goal and counting. Has any one been able to get him to perform to a reasonable standard? I also noticed his contract runs till 2016!! Surely it'll be impossible to get rid of hlm anytime soon with his wages.
  5. In my experience this is the problem. Highlights are usually skipped after you hit 'confirm'. It's obviously easier to notice when you miss a goal.
  6. Until current injuries are sorted I'll rather not have this. I once decided to play a match without a substitute goalkeeper. Ofcourse my keeper gets injured from kicking a goalkick. I figure it's probably a hamstring, Jarred knee or twisted ankle? Not at all. After the game physio reports he is out with a stubbed finger. Still trying to comprehend how that happened
  7. I read somewhere that a player's familiarity with a position only affects his 'decision making' attribute when played out of position. In this case training a player on a specific position is just improving his decision making in said position. Seems fair enough to me.
  8. You have to note that if you are managing outside of spain, the results in spain and other leagues (except the one you are playing in) are not played out by the match engine. They are generated (helps make the game quicker). You will probably find Messi and Ronaldo scoring more goals if you play in spain. You could however choose to have matches in some foreign leagues loaded by the match engine but bear in mind this will reduce the speed of your game.
  9. Tbh I thought I noticed this on FM12 but wasn't sure. It seems players with high potential sometimes perform to their PA and not their current ratings. Players like fierro can score a ridiculous amounts of goals before they are anywhere near their peak. Welbeck too did the same for me on one of my saves
  10. I have never noticed this on any version of fm tbh. I've scored from a corner about 50secs after the signaled injury time on FM13.
  11. Has anyone managed to get some decent performances from Scholes. His ratings look good but he consistently puts in below par performance for me (< 6.7) every game. I've tried playing him as a DLP and AP without success. Hardly see any good passes from him on extended highlights either. Carrick, Fletcher and Anderson are doing quite well for me though.
  12. There is no doubt that these players are olympic quality divers but they get caught way too often in FM13. How many times has saurez seen yellow for diving this season? He didn't even get a yellow for a blatant dive vs stoke. The ref has to be 100% sure as a yellow equals accusing the player of cheating. I really think it's an issue. Compare the FM13 stats to real life for yourself
  13. I still can't get ronaldo to stop getting too many yellow cards for diving. Just seen on the 'liverpool database issues' thread that someone is having the same problem with suarez (9 in 14 games!). Please please look into this. It's a real issue and one that might be hard to notice. ps; see my previous post for more
  14. Doing a save with Real Madrid and there seems to be an issue with Ronaldo getting too many cards (I figured mostly from simulation). Admittedly i started with hard tackling and he was on 4 yellows from the first 5 matches or so and then I changed to normal for all attacking players and he finished with 15 from 52 matches. Last season irl he finished with 8 yellows from 66 matches. Now this season he has got sent off twice for double yellow cards. He is now on 4 yellows in 8 matches. To make things worse, both second yellows (for the reds) were for simulation. Ironic after yesterday's incident with torres. I have gone back and checked 4 of his yellow cards in the previous season and 2 out of them were also for simulation! I don't want to check all the matches due to the 'Generating match report' issue. Can this be looked into as even the naughtiest of players don't dive that often (or at least they don't get caught)
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