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  1. i agree that owen and heskey should be left out. buuuut hes got a system in mind. i think he doesnt know how a few players would fit into it. milner has been amazing this season though.
  2. Quick question

    id check out all the information you can!!! scout reports, stats, ass man reports, previous seasons ratings. the more you know, the more informed your decision can be.
  3. i just signed a french striker and spent a lot of money on him, with the intention of him contributing most of my goals in a lone striker role. he has failed to settle in the area and has a "Sit" marker. Obviously i could "transfer the whinging little b!tch right out of the team..." but id likely make a loss and struggle to replace him. do you thing buying another frenchie might help him settle, as transferring would be my last resort (having a low adaptability seems to be his only weakness, if i can get round that il be sorted).
  4. i would like to be able to print out a winners medal.
  5. Quick reply buttons?

    how about quick topics? - i cant score 1 on 1s - how do i find regens - fm cheats so i always lose and its unfair
  6. i think that a few positions arent accurately represented by the rating system (IMO keepers, DMs, sometimes wingers) so i would look at the stats rather than the rating. "tck" rating of 4.51 is a very good rating and his pass completion is 80% (in the league). hes not losing you the ball and hes breaking up a lot of attacks. what more could you want from him? in an ideal world i would get a hot prospect to sit on the bench (or in an inideal world a cheap, reliable loanee) for when he gets sent off though! i would only look at his "tck" rating when altering how he tackles. if u can tweak that even higher, brilliant. if not, dont worry about the cards.
  7. yeh mate those claws are in DEEP!
  8. CM01/02 used to have headbutts in it. i had one keeper who used to headbutt opposition players regularly.
  9. no ref in the world would give that as a foul if the keeper caught it. would have been spectacular if he had cos it was a great finish.
  10. Don't take it personally

    if he was playing that well he was not being challenged very much. same way i wouldnt learn anything if i played with an under 9s team.
  11. New Game.

    try darlington for a challenge.
  12. yep, i agree. press conferences are too tedious to be in the game. maybe if they were made simpler or quicker and more interesting then keep them. but it would need a complete rehaul.
  13. thats awesome! cheers for putting the screenshots up.
  14. i have posted before problems that i was having with my (similar spec) acer laptop and some other people with acer laptops had similar problems. the .2 patch seemed to fix the jerky ME problems on low quality but its still very poor frame rate when played on the high detail level. possibly related, i dont know, but the game gives me a 1/2 to 1 star performance rating in the settings menu, which always struck me as strange as it is a new laptop and the rest of the game runs quickly.