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  1. I agree with that, I managed to attract some players that just wouldnt drop as low a sunday league football, but i think FM is very good location of players and I have worked closely with big league teams who are based locally - every season i go through the Torquay/Newport/Exter/Weymouth YTS and look to sign/loan as many players as poss, and have found far better players more interested than further based players. Spot on with league reps, hopefully SI can up the maximum rep to 100 and set BSS/BSN at 30 to allow for editors to structure lower. This is the real secret to the promotions, Ive had pretty much the same bunch of players for my whole game. Such a great effort by Bladesman, the limitations are hard coded and hopefully SI can recognise and include these leagues or allow editing powers for reputations to work.
  2. Super Bladesman, I just want to say a massive thankyou, I didnt want to post until I had given it a good go and now I feel qualified to post thoughts and feedback. For years I have dreamed of something of this depth, slugging it out for my sunday league team! Its exactly how FM was intended to be played. I cant believe how much effort must have gone into the database, and its almost faultless. But I have noticed a couple of minor things, I took control of Totnes & Dartington, who start in the Peninsula East, and after my first season I got moved sideways to the Gloucestershire County league which is very unlikely due to the distance to travel, but Im guessing FM calculated it based on the latitude and longitude? After a couple of seasons I noticed that it no longer told me what awards my players were winning, ie Gary Neville wins the Peninsula Player Of The Year, would be just 'Gary Neville wins' which in a way has its own charm! The end of season review is hard to find your division as there are so many listed, and by level then alphabetical makes it hard to locate. These things dont really matter, but if there was any improvement that was going to be made I'd beg that a little research and testing goes into reputation of leagues and cups. I have just been promoted to the Conference South after 5 straight promotions and during this time my season tickets which started at 18 a season, rose to 24 over the 5 years and has just shot up to 80 odd now im in the Conf South, likewise my attendences have always been between 80-90 until now Im suddenly getting several hundred. I love it when a handful of people turn up to watch a shocking game of football, but I think reputation needs to rise gradually through these lower divisions to add more of a challenge and help financial stability of teams, only due to some very fortunate cup runs have I stayed afloat and I'm massively in debt, the Conf South may clear that in one season however! Im loving voting for player of the year and other media articles ive stumbled across, and just want to say a massive thanks to the people that put the hard work in so we can have fun!
  3. Warning Access out of bounds

    Ive had this in previous versions when fiddling with the editor too, normally on an online game where the databases dont sync up right. Sometimes the game will load and then when you click a profile the error will come up until you click ok a 100 times! Its really frustrating! Im no expert but if you havnt changed much id advise starting over, make a note of the things you change and make it as accurate and simple as possible. The editors forum is probably the best place for this, and a look through the guides there will probably provide a decent background of understanding if your not too confident with it. Good luck,
  4. Mouse cursor and the new lighter skin.

    I hate googling an issue and someone just writes, 'oh ive fixed it now' and dosnt explain how. So i just wanted to add to this incase someone has the problem of the mouse literally disappearing. I tried to update my drivers and they were the most up to date, but there was a graphics accelerator avaliable from the manufacturer, installed that and ive had no issues since. So if your struggling have a tinker with your drivers, certain settings in windows or in your drivers control panel (if you have one) can change it dramatically or even rolling back to a previous driver.
  5. Mouse cursor and the new lighter skin.

    When i alt and tab the screen often goes blank and i have to scroll across it to 'reveal' the screen, and my cursor is on and off all the time. Is there a known fix for this, ill assume my graphics card is pretty weak because its a laptop. Thanks
  6. AI Difficulty

    Ive wanted to start a thread on this aswell, so many responses over the years to people sturggling have been " Its your tactics" - fair point but unless you take the time to really understand FMs interpretation of tactics (via slider bars) then you probably still wont be able to work out why its not working. This year i have found it a breath of fresh air, the tactics has just enough fiddling to make formations unique whilst its easy to understand what roles/instructions your giving to the players and teams - It may be considered too easy for the people who learned how to manipulate the sliders but i think to most people this will be more realistic.
  7. i wish i had waited like you for the inevitable patches and waded through the negative threads - to enjoy the game in the end. Because the truth is i have hardly played the game, the effort of working around bugs and problems, and the issues raised have been enough to put me off. Dont get me wrong you wont see me whinging the game is unplayable, but its dead to me, i have never felt like this about FM before and have about 20 hours a week spare which i am now spending writing a story for my kids. What a woeful tale this post has become, however the fact that you have only had 3 posts says one of two things: - The game hasnt got the loyal fanbase it had - The world would rather rant at whats wrong, and not reward what is good...
  8. ok well thanks for the reply, there are lots of games on the market released by big companys full of problems who barely speak to their communities or offer patches, and i think some fans of FM forget that. We can be grateful for what we have got, but i urge for a 'cleaner' release to FM09 - but im sure theres lots of things us mere mortals dont know about that you have to do.
  9. Miles i wouldnt worry most people wouldnt believe numbers without proof, and its good of you to try and ease peoples concerns. However theres plenty of threads around here full of differing problems, and i wanted to know if you were in a position to say if there will be another patch. My main greivance is the time taken. When i play FM; i play it hard so the niggling problems have wound me up so much i havnt played the game i paid £30 for in October. Im not saying its your fault (i choose not to play it when others have) but i wont be pre ordering FM again, wheras i have done every year previously.
  10. i think the main point is overlooked here. Here we have the long awaited saviour patch from SI - which comes with a workaround! - Great testing there. If it only takes a few mins to adjust the database then why didnt they do that before they released the DB!? And here less than 24 hours later another problem which(i havnt seen proof for) SI could have fixed before release. I think SI are great for responding to try and fix it all, but the forums have been dead just waiting for a proper game - ideally before FM09. And there was no fan pressue to get this relase out for valentines, so why rush it? Im just about to boot up my game(which hasnt been touched in months) and i hope it shows me a worthy predacessor to an otherwise solid series.
  11. MC, DM performance ratings

    The cards issue raised a few points up is a known bug, and i find my defensive minded MC gets a yellow a game (if not a red) - which is an overshoot and obviously impacts his form. But to the original point i have noticed some dips, mainly the fact that i rarely see a goal from central midfield and get very few 8s - the implications are big because if this is consistent then further into the game there will be lack of player development from poor form and morale. I assume the reasoning to be that it isnt calcualted properly, i appluad my DM for getting in the AM face, generally hussling in front of the defence and tirelessly running and fighting for the cause, and i would imagine its related to key passes, shots and pass %. Has anyone checked the bgs forum for this? Perhaps we could have some official acknowledgment about this, roll on the patch...
  12. One thing i have always struggled with in FM is how ageing players are still represented at top level, Gerrard/Lampard/Beckham all still with 150+ caps in Eng team at 35+ in previous Fms. With this version i think they have done a great job, basically between 30/40 you will suddenly get a report from you Assman saying that he is looking past it, you will notice perfomances and stats begin to plumit and after a year or so the player looks well past it. This is how i would prefer it and i think its very realistic, not all players flop at 30 some going much longer especially with regualr football, and the above referneces are age record breaking players that defied physics by contuing to play, wheras you will see pro start to dwindle or move down the leagues. What im trying to say is old players need as much care as youth players, dont throw youngsters in too erly and dont start dropping old players too soon, i have had especially defenders have their best seasons at 33+, as physical stats go down, mental stats will rise...
  13. Your Biggest Career Move

    Woking to England after about a season, thanks to no skill of my own but the "Mr Nobody gets the National team job" bug
  14. Have you edited these to start then or are they holiday games that you have zipped up and posted?
  15. Is it time for Variable PA

    If Potential Ability dosnt need to change, as others have noted this is natural; its the best you could be - Then how can you tell this in a player at any age? Your asking a game to predict how good this player can be based on very little evidence at a very young age. This suits the game because its easy to code, and everything in game seems to be related to ability so its quite a big factor, but i think the fluctuation between dvelopment would hit bugs...and oh...please not any more...