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  1. Wouldn't mind getting involved if there's any spaces left please.
  2. I'll be updating my tactic's development on my blog as well on this site if anyone is curious. Here's the first update. Looking at 3-1-4-2 DM, there's two major weakness of the formation. No wing backs (I would normally never use MR/L's with a back 3. No number 10 to support the strikers. All support is going to have to come from deeper. However, the positives of the formation: 2 strikers and plenty of men deep provides good opportunities for counters Having 3 back at all times means I can be quite aggressive with my role choice in central midfield. This is what I've gone for so far, with a counter mentality and a flexible team shape. The central midfield area is basically one big tribute to the Pirlo/Vidal/Marchisio midfield Juve had several years ago. I've only had work ball into box and play out of defence selected so far, but after the first friendly with Nice I've added higher defensive line because I felt the gap between midfield and attack was too big, and I wanted to shuffle the whole team up. For that reason I'm also debating increasing the shape to fluid. I want the low risk, safe passing you get with counter, but I don't want to invite other teams onto us. It led to a 1-0 win and 63% of the ball. It should have been more as well. I also need to add prevent short GK distribution, which I've forgotten for some reason. I can already tell I'm going to love Sensi at Regista, and the defensive trio of Acerbi - Antei - Letschert looked solid enough. I'm debating making a signing to upgrade depth at CM, and I have a feeling I might need a right midfielder. Defrel got injured within about 15 minutes, so I'm going to be left with Iemello and Matri for a few weeks. Hurry up Berardi.
  3. If this is still going, I'd be quite interested to give this a go. Would it be possible to ask for a formation?
  4. A bit like my Central Winger? http://strikerless.wordpress.com/2014/04/20/utilising-the-central-winger/ Incidentally, I used a very similar setup to win the league with Mjallby (predicted 12th) in my first season at the club. Strikerless works, and this narrow 4-1-2-3-0 is the best tactic I've used all year. I"ll also reply nenshoua's question above: You tend to have so many midfield runners, that they don't get in each others way, especially if you ask them to roam from position, so there's plenty of movement in the front 5. The opposition cannot cope with the amount of midfield runners. Vertical movement is vital in strikerless football.
  5. Right, I need a bit of help with this. It's happened to me with the Bergkamp skin before on FM14, and I've only had one of them actually work. When I unzip the files (both with 7Zip and with Unarchiver), the XML's are completely blank, meaning that when I load up FM, it doesn't show on the drop down interface menu. In addition, it tells me that the files are corrupted when I try and unzip with Unarchiver. I'd like to get this working, because it's the best skin I've found on FM, and I've been using the v2 skin for a few weeks now. Oddly enough that one worked without any issues. I'm on Mac. EDIT: I've just read that an RAR file is being uploaded. I'm sure that's the issue. Fantastic looking skin.
  6. I'm running the game on Mac, and downloaded the file. I then unzipped it and copied the file into the 'skins' folder in a Bergkamp14 Transparent V1 folder that I'd made myself. When I go onto FM14 to change to the skin, it's not available in the drop down menu. I've tried clearing the cache, and I've tried having the files all in the 'skins' folder, rather than in a sub folder under the skin's name. Nothing has worked. Can anyone suggest anything I can try to get this skin working, as I loved this skin so much last year.
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