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  1. Added you youth, got a slightly unsavory steam name (you'll know which one I am). Would love to try the new one out, my most successful saves have been with this tactic.
  2. Looking for an old school 4-4-2 in the style of Liverpool or Fergie's mid 1990's Manure (it pains me to say that as an Arsenal fan). Anybody who wants to share one of these would be much loved and celebrated forever.
  3. Contracts are a nightmare in the lower leagues. Players often only want to sign 1-year contracts and want to renew for ridiculous pay-rises. I'd also be curious to see what people do with contracts in lower leagues. (Sorry I couldn't help )
  4. This is my favourite FM14 tactic. I've had loads of success with it including: Man City - Premier Division, FA Cup, Champions League, first season Liverpool - 2nd in Premier Division, first season Citizen (Hong Kong) - FA Cup, First division, first season And they're the only seasons I've played with it! So, based on your initial posts, I've designed a system for the Pep Guardiola-esque manager - somebody who obsesses over every little detail. An interesting thing about this tactic is that you'll often find players who don't seem to fit into the system, only to find that the winger who was in your squad from the start turns out to be a fantastic F9. What I've done is create a spreadsheet based on your key attributes for each position. You input your player names in all of the possible positions they can play in the system, along with their attributes, and it gives you a score out of 80. You then sort the total score, and voila, there's your best player for that position! Of course, this needs a little bit of common sense too. If someone is highly rated by the spreadsheet but has terrible attributes on the rest of the board, he's probably not as good as the guy who has is slightly lower rated but has a more rounded attribute spread. CA plays a big part. This allows you to easily identify your best players for each role, along with the weak links in your team. Have a FB with a rating of 27 who's apparently got 5* ability according to your assman? Doesn't matter, get rid. He's NOT going to work in the system. It's almost like the player filters on the player search. Saying that, I've created a simple one of them too. Easy to use, just load the folder in. I've included my Hednesford spreadsheet in the folder so you can see how it works. And to think I was going to sell Wayne Riley! He's turned out to be a beast. http://www.mediafire.com/download/jb64iajt8vw696l/Silk_&_Steel_and_Rainmaker_tools.rar
  5. Looks interesting. Do you play Valencia or Nani? I'm assuming Kagawa is on left wing also? Looks a good set up for the team, as United have an abundance of decent attacking mids but nowhere to play them. I've used a 4-4-2 with defensive mids and wingers to great success with them, but this should be good. Nice work.
  6. I play as a sort of DoF on classic mode. I enjoy transfers. Anyway, first season as Liverpool using this tactic and some of your guidance. Signed Morgan Schniederlin from Soton and Tom Huddlestone from Hull in January. Top marks for the tactic. I should have won this but we completely collapsed at the end, thanks to injuries to key players and the utterly useless piece of crap that is Kolo Toure, who managed to almost single-handedly lose us the title.
  7. Must admit I do think this patch is a bit ropey. Getting a ton of injuries since the recent update and it's incredibly frustrating. Other parts are vastly improved however. Nice to see my strikers scoring.
  8. Great work, do these work well on 14.2? Also I'd love a bog standard 4-4-2 as well, might actually encourage me to get a save going! Nice one
  9. Gosport is a lovely little town in Hampshire, separated from the home of former Premier League side Portsmouth F.C by a short channel of water. As you can see from the logo (the text is the town's motto), it seems it was originally called God's Port, a name that I aim to bring back into fruition. That is a theory invented in the 19th century and now it's time to make theory a reality. Or... so he says. Gosport is a town without much - if any - footballing success. Gosport Borough F.C - the town's local football club, have achieved nothing of note, except perhaps making it to the quarter final of the F.A Vase in the 1976/77 season. After winning the play-offs in the Southern Premier League, the club now grace the Conference South and they are hoping they'll be here to stay. On to the business! Foreword Before I get on and post the club info and my aims for this season, I'd just like to say that this is one of my first posts on any FM forum. I haven't been playing long - only since FM11, but I hope I can continue this save long enough and I also hope that a few of you will get enjoyment from it! It's inspired by the exploits of some of the incredible players here, particularly SRL88's Gateshead career in which he enjoys a ridiculous amount of success. I've always enjoyed the idea of taking a club from nothing and building not only their trophy cabinet but my own. If everything goes according to plan, this should be a one club career. Unless I get sacked. In which case I shall be taking the first club that comes my way and will continue the career. I play FM on classic mode as frankly I can't be bothered with all the extra things you can do such as press conferences. In fact I just find it more enjoyable. Some day I may start a full save on the main mode. I'm also playing with only the English leagues loaded. Cheers and I hope you enjoy reading this. AIMS My first aim is to overtake Portsmouth as they are my nearest neighbours. After that, who knows? League 1? Championship? Premier League? Champions League? I'm being ambitious but once I've achieved my aim I'll only continue if people want more. I'll be satisfied once I achieve a higher league position than Portsmouth. --- Anyway, enough of all that. I've already completed pre-season and I'll be updating you with that shortly. CLUB INFORMATIONSEASON EXPECTATIONS
  10. Hi all, I'd like to create a tactic like Borussia Dortmund (even though I'm not going to be managing them!), a team who I think play really positive, enjoyable football. I've got the foundations sort of laid out but I'd like to get people's opinions on how to create this tactic. It's going to be a 4-2-3-1, with wingers. This utilises all my favourite positions, the three who sit behind the striker and provide an attacking edge. Think Marco Reus, Mesut Ozil, Juan Mata. Other than that, I'm er, stuck. Any advice on how to go about doing this? I'd prefer central mids to defensive mids by the way.
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