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  1. Hey guys, since the Olympics are coming up I was really pumped and wanted to start an FM 16 Olympics save by playing only with a u23 national team. I chose Australia and played the AFC u23 tournament with them and won it. Right after the tournament I left my role without wanting to do so (it said that the u23 team doesn't have any games in the near future/the game just quite the job for me). But the Olympics are just half a year after the AFC u23 championship. Now I don't know what to do? Do I have to create a new coach and just choose Australias u23 again? Or can I wait and just apply for the job right before the Olympics? On another note: is it possible to apply for u23 national team jobs? When I tried to do so in another save the apply button was greyed out... I hope you can help me cause I really want to play the Olympics with my team and don't want to create a new manager again and again... greetz
  2. Hey guys, I have two questions about FM 2016: 1. I read somewhere that it is possible to coach the reserve teams in FM 2016. I know that it was possible to coach the B teams of the Spanish sides. But is it now possible to coach reserve teams of Bundesliga sides in the new game? 2. How do you guys rate FM 2016 in comparison to FM 2015 ? Is it much better? Cheers, Til
  3. hey everybody, hope you can help me out! i wanna start a season in france with toulouse fc. now i wanna make the cfa leagues in france as accurate as possible. they are divided up into 4 regions. i chose to make a north east, north west, south west and south east division. i put a couple of teams from the cfa 2 into the cfa so i can fill up the leagues. but for whatever reason these teams don't appear in the leagues when i start a new game... can you tell me what i'm doing wrong? hope you can help me out!
  4. the thing what i wanna do is this: i wanna start a season with fc kopenhagen. but i don't want it to start in summer i wanna come in in the middle of the danish season and pick up a struggeling fc kopenhagen. this i can easily do by just choosing a december start date. but if i do that the swedish, norwegan and finish leagues for example haven't been simulated. its just as if they didn't play for an entire season... and i don't really want that. any advice on how i can change that? i hope u know what i meen?! p.s. i chose the startdate of malaysia (which is dec. 10th in fm 2014) and its as if the swedish league didn't play a single game...
  5. hey guys, have a quick question. i play fm 2014. is it possible to change the start dates of a league somehow in the editor? it would be great if that would work... greetz and thanks in advance... til
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