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  1. Hey friend, Who are you managing?
  2. I honestly hadn't thought of that. I thought the coach only helped with tactical attributes?
  3. Sorry, I should have mentioned that it was only one. I used a conventional 4-5-1 with nothing special going on.
  4. I've just started a game with Accrington and set up a new tactic. I've set match prep to max and the focus to tactics only. My schedule was 13 friendlies in 5 weeks and a small training camp of five days. After this five week period the squad has a formation familiarity of 29! Surely they've done enough to be much higher than that. I've made two loan signings. Is there something obvious I've missed?
  5. I read through Cleon's Sports Centre thread and it got me thinking. I then read through his 'WM' formation and what I took from it all was that I should watch the games in full. Watching the games in full gives you a feel for the game. It's not nice to view, but it shows if your fullbacks are bombing forward too often or if a midfielder is playing risky passes. It shows if your shape is being pulled apart by your opposition. I've struggled to identify good players because there are so many attributes. Yes, at the top level it's easy to know that Messi is fantastic, but if you just viewed his attributes would you be able to understand how good he is. In short, no. Cleon does an excellent job of explaining attributes. Doubtless there are other articles on here that will do the same thing, but the examples given are clear and improve your knowledge of the game. I'm still not sure about which values are appropriate for which league or position, but it helps me when I view a scout's report. After reading through I let the game pick me a team and I'm managing Taranto. Promotion in first season (not a shock) and three wins in my second from the first three games. I urge you to look at Cleon's thread.
  6. When you do loan a player out, does it matter if the league is playable, or will view only suffice?
  7. By active leagues, do you mean playable or will view only work?
  8. By active leagues, do you mean playable or will view only work?
  9. What I meant was is the striker a deep lying forward etc?
  10. What roles are you using in all of your 4-2-3-1s. I usually have FB-CD(D)-CD©-FB, DLP(S)-CM(D), IF(A), AMC (A/S), IF (A), AF (A). The FBs are automatic.
  11. I'm using the unbeated final classic and trying to follow the team talk guidelines offered in the OP. Maybe Liverpool have injury prone players?
  12. Next match, 3-0 win over Fulham. Following that a 1-0 defeat to HULL! Kuyt and Torres were out, but surely I should have hand enough not to get beaten? I'm using SFRaser's schedules, which look punishing and maybe that's effecting the performance. The feedback for them has been positive, but I'm getting lots of injuries, is it worth switching to Tug's? All help appreciated.
  13. I've just started with Liverpool and I'm having mixed results. After stuffing Sunderland, Burnley and Wigan, I've now lost to Blackburn and Marseille. Are Liverpool that bad?
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