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  1. Ray Wilkins has suggested Gianluca Vialli
  2. Voted other, none of those are ready for England. Howe might be in the future but he needs to prove a success elsewhere than Bournemouth. The problem is that we're just not a good footballing nation anymore, we're basically punching above our weight on the international stage at the moment and there's potentially only decent players coming through. To be honest I thinnk that on the international stage right now we might as just strip it back to the bare bones and build the team back up from scratch. Perhaps have Howe work on the U21s and then after 2018 promote him. In the meantime let someo
  3. This games doesn't like my Vanarama National side's FA Cup exploints. Last season we got to the 4th round without meeting any club above League 1. This season round 2 I beat Accrington Stanley in a replay with Stuart Fleetwood scoring against his old club to ear a plumb 3rd round tie against Vanarama South team Gosport Somehow they beat L1 Coventry 1-0 away from home. I really hope that if I get through to the 4th round I actually draw a big team away.
  4. Non-contracts is the way to go. If they turn out to be much better then you have then offer them a part time contract after 6 months or so. All you can do is scout, scout and scout. It does take a while but once you've got a basic squad put together you can rely on the scout to find new players. Even at that level with scouts that bad you can turn up some potentially good players, I'm not talking potential EPL players but players with L2 and may be L1 potential. Don't rely just on the Stars the scout/ass man give you. It is entirely possible to have a 2 star rated player outshine a 4+ star r
  5. Perhaps raise it in the bug forum, surely it must be a bug if it doesn't allow umlauts in the save game name.
  6. What I usually do is play Key or Extended and switch to Comprehensive or Full if I the match starts to slip away from me or I'm trying something new in tactics. Quite a few matches are played on Key only, but some I do have to switch to see what is happenign with my tactic or what the opponents are doing to stop my tactic form working. Luckily my bas tactic is simple and I just make minor adjustments based on opponents, condition and my starting players.
  7. Isn't is possible to create one tactic with set piece info, save it and then make changes for the next tactic and save as a new filename and the set peiece info stays the same?
  8. Obviously some of them will have an effect like the judging ability ones. I am not sure if all of the rest of them have that much of an effect on training. In FMT the staff also have star relating to their ability, I suspect that may have an effect on their ability to do the job, for example I'm pretty sure the more stars a Cheif Scout has the more souting assignments you can have. I've got 2 more available assignments then coutnries to scout, so they're looking at reserves and L2.
  9. That's what I noticed on my game. I had a few players with the SIT icon that wanted to be in the first team. One of them got intot he first team but it took quite a few matches before the SIT icon cleared. So if it happens to you and you do play him then promise that you'll play him and do it and in a month or so he'll be happy.
  10. To be honest CA/PA means nothing if the player doesn't have the points spread in the right way to make him effective in your tactic. So not being able to see that in FMC is no loss at all. I've got 2 star rated players outperforming 4 star rated players because their attributes are spread in the right way to make them effective in lower leagues.
  11. 2 post both linking to another site. Unless you put that on this site I will consider it spam.
  12. You're £1K over your wage budget so of course the wages you can offer to players will be limited. In this case the board/chairman believes that Elliott is a better player so you're allowed to offer him more money than Abbots, most certainly not a bug.
  13. In that case I suspect that the game realises that you still have an open contract offer to a player and adjusted the max wage on the next contract. Do you have a save from before offering the contracts? If so then offer a contract to Abbots first then Elliot. I suspect that you can offer Abbots the full wage he wants but the max wagfe available for Elliot will be less.
  14. Did you make the offer to Danny Elliott first and then Finalised the deal and then offered to Will Abbots? If so then it may be because the deal for Elliott put you over your wage budget or close to it.
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