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  1. First season, lots of luck and won league (89 points) and Europa. Auba score 31 in the league; Ozil 16 assists. In league, the table turned for me due to 5 games against top six in which a goal in last 5 minutes either secured a Win or a draw. In Europa, never played a team of comparable stature other than AC Milan in group stages. Had Frankfurt in the final. Went out early in both the domestic cups. As I hadn’t played FM2017 or 2018, I used the premade 4-2-3-1 wide Control tactic, alternating between positive and attack depending up opposition and location. Wasn’t happy with striker production early, so change to AF attack. Also alternated between CM-S and CM-A, again depending on opposition. Switched AMR between Winger and IF depending on who was playing the position as well. Changed TIs according to scout report to take advantage of opposition weaknesses. Training schedule left to Ass Man. I bought Pavard in summer window for £31.5m. Due to Propensity for Montreal to be out injured, I bought Tierney for £24m during January window. Out in the summer window were Iliev, Martinez and Elneny (combined £15.78m in). January window saw Montreal (£11.75m) and Kos (£1.5m - homesick) also headed to China and Monaco respectively. Deployment left Kolasinac, Lacazette and Xhaka putting in transfer requests during the last half of the season. Xhaka withdrew his as a series of Lowish (£18.25m) offers from lessor statured teams were all that was received. Did get £31.5m for Kolasinac. Nobody in for Laca yet, and he is getting more disgruntled as summer window is now closed. He is not performing this season, so he is now bleeding minutes to Nketiah. Xhaka and Mustafi also not getting close to meaningful minutes so far this season. Bought Sancho £64m and DeSciglio £14.5m. The former out of concern about potential Brexit terms and the latter because my DoF messed up the transfer for Vagoman. I let DoF handle secondary transfers, and forgot that I had him handling youth team contract negotiation. Oops. Leaving were Kola, Lich (free), Cech (free), Ospina (£3.6m), Nwakali (£650k), Asante (£2.9m). 11 games into second season, I am sitting 3rd, but have lost away to Liverpool and Man U. Auba with 11g in 11 games, Ozil with 4g 6a in 10. Massive risk in goal as Macey and Hein are 2 and 3 on the depth chart. Leno is really not good enough, and without Cech to push him, his play is slightly poorer than the first season.
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