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  1. I feel the same way. I feel like I have tried everything. I've made simple tactics, I've made complicated tactics, I've downloaded tactics(silk&steel, rainmaker, Mr Hough's and a bunch of others) and nothing works for more than a season/half a season. The few times I've managed to get a team to perform it only lasts for maximum one season. The most frustrating prt is when you think you have finally found a tactic that works and then during the transfer window you buy player's that fit that tactic and then it stops working. What I find the msot frustrating is how a "bad tactic" manifests itself. It is not, that Özil doesn't get in the right position and from there can't deliver killer passes, but rather that Özil all of a sudden as no sense of first touch whatsoever and cannot make even the simplest of passes. If you however have a tactic that "works"(if you download one for example), Özil can recieve the ball in a bad position but through skill make a perfect pass to an attacker that will score. I am not a football genius, but I also not totally clueless(played myself as a youngster), but this game must be for 1% of the people that have time to sit through watching the whole match.
  2. Amazing tactic. I got promoted first season with Union Berlin(predicted 6th) and pretty much dominated the league from day 1. Got to the quarter finals in the german cup but lost out on penalties. Now in the first division it is going suprisingly well, I only signed Ronny from Hertha for a small fee otherwise nothing and I have won 6 and drawn 2, not a single loss so far. So for me this tactic is doing wonders, actally the only tactic that has had me any success in the latest patch.
  3. I would the ability to take more control of the finances of the club. Maybe that is very realistic for a manager to do but it would be fun to be able to maybe take control of the chaiman funtion, take loans, have more influence on the stadium, decide more on the transfer budget, try to improve the brand of the club etc.
  4. How do I access tactics that I've added? I put it in the tactics folder but I don't seem to be able to access it in game. I thought it would be under "add tactic" and then "use existing tactic".
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