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  1. Credit to you for taking the time to provide an alternative, however unfortunately that design wouldn't work in reality. The kits decrease in width when there is 5 players in a line, this would leave insufficient space for the role suitability bar. Making that bar small enough to fit in would cause it to be very hard to read and compare, which considering the importance of it isn't an option.
  2. The "small bar below the shirt" is not role suitability, its position ability, which is different. The reason the roles weren't clickable in FM15 was because there wasn't enough space. FM15 suffered from a lot of overlaps and sometimes tiny shirts. The new square designs are more space efficient and allow for extra content/functionality and reduced overlapping.
  3. FM14 didn't have the players shifting vertically depending on the role and didn't have the role suitability icon. To have the FM14 design in FM16, with the above added, would cause excessive overlaps and not just on minimum resolution.
  4. The change to zoomed shirts (it's still the kit, just zoomed in) rather than full shirts was made for a number of reasons, mainly to make better use of the limited space and limit overlaps, whilst still allowing for the role buttons, position comfort indicator and player name to be clearly displayed. Over recent versions we've had issues with overlaps and the kits becoming tiny depending on the formation set and resolution used. This change has helped that. The screenshot released is of the match screen version, which has less vertical space than the standard version. The standard version looks better as the pitch is taller, giving each player more breathing space. All the changes made to this screen for FM16 were made based off the feedback from FM15 and to improve the usability of this screen. Hopefully once you all get to play around with the screen your opinions will change and will understand that the changes have made the screen easier to read and interactive with.