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  1. It's all relative. If you enjoy a certain version then that's the game for you. There are no right and wrongs, everyone has their opinion. Of course faults in the game are factual. FM14 seems to be riddled with them. I avoided at all costs. Shame as I did want to enjoy it, but I couldn't. I seriously hope FM15 reduces the ice hockey effect. All my opinion of course.
  2. You must be using some sort of cheat tactic here? Am I the only one to think this??! San Marino in the Europa League after 5 seasons? Really? I hate to pi$$ on your chips but I find this extremely hard to believe that no cheat tactic, or in game editor has been used. I could appreciate success after maybe ten seasons but after 5/6, with such a small team and no money is totally unrealistic. The striker you got for £5million early on was truly world class, for £5million? No data editing going on there at all?
  3. Have you asked a Mod or a staff member at SI?
  4. Well done. Your new tactics must have done the trick. Will be interesting to see how you cope without Rowe next season. Were the board very vocal early on in the season, due to the disappointing nature of it?
  5. Could it be new patch related? Maybe your tactics need tweaking for the changes to the ME? Just a thought?
  6. Nice idea....any chance of giving a breakdown of your progress monthly with some screenshots?
  7. Love to see this. It's reward for the hard work you put in and so satisfying. Enjoying the read so far. Would be great to see Barca/Real playing second fiddle to you!
  8. Unbelievable! Are you going to do an Arsenal 'Invincible' Season? Or a Hull from a couple of years back?! You're almost safe already!
  9. I can't believe the amount of debate ridiculous threads like this create, yet other well constructed, intelligent posts/threads get totally ignored. I guess that says a lot.
  10. Start of the season could have been better...conceding two goals?! Also, on photobucket, you need to copy the IMG link to post as you have been doing previously, rather than a link.
  11. Same as what I do, although with two tactics and different formations. I very rarely even give the team instructions unless it's obvious that I'm failing in certain departments. As per my comment on the 'this game is too hard' thread. I think this version of FM is the easiest I've played thanks to the TC and keeping it simple.
  12. I think the title of this thread, suggesting that the game is too hard had created good debate - debate which has highighted something to me. There certainly seems to be two camps when it comes to opinions on whether that is correct or not. However, one thing which stands out to me is people saying FM12 was 'ridiculously easy' as were other earlier versions. These same people also argue that FM14 is as tough as it gets. Now, if we take into account the 'it's your tactics' theory, which I am a subscriber, as an explanation given for the amount of problems people have on here I have to look at that and say I think it's clear that tactics are very important. If that's the case and tactics are very important (which they clearly are), then we move on to the 'sliders are horrific' and 'TC is much better' which again, I agree with. If this is the case and it's easier to control your team and tactics using the TC (which I believe it is, I can easily control my team now I've switched to the TC - finally), how can the game be sooooo much harder than previous versions? For me it's easier by far! I think the problem we are seeing with this release is the removal of the sliders. A lot used to use them and they are now forced to use the TC, there is no other choice. It's taken me about 6 weeks to master it and now the media are drooling over my football and I can't lose! Quite disappointing really. It clicked two nights ago. I made a couple of slight tweaks to my tactic and hey presto, I'm Barcelona, untouchable. For me, the argument that FM14 is the hardest is ludicrous. The TC makes it so easy (if you put the effort in to analysis). I find the AI can't keep up, the press are hailing me a tactical genius for god's sake! I've never seen some screen shots like that before, was quite nice to see although in another way, a little disappointing that I have finally cracked one of the FM's. Edit: Despite the fact I have mastered this version, I'm still not satisfied with how the game looks. It doesn't give me pleasure watching my team. This part of the game needs serious work.
  13. Spot on. Got to say, your straight to the point posts are a joy to read. Very few, if any come close to hitting the nail on the head as often as you do. I think we're seeing (in my opinion) this in real life. One of David Moyes biggest mistakes was ignoring Sir Alex Fergusons advice, when he was asked to keep the backroom staff in place. He chose to bring in a team of people who have won nothing, rather than keeping tactical experts who could get the most out of an average team. In FM, I hardly ever look at the assistants advice as it is complete gibberish most of the time. If this was more accurate, as in real life, I'm sure it would help many - myself included! Edit: Obviously, the real life I refer to is the Man United staff example. If we wanted to replicate this, we woud have to employ the best. That isn't to say an average Ass Man wouldn't be able to offer advice which would still be helpful to some players of lesser competence.
  14. Sorry, I meant posts are 'unclear'....I was on my phone No backtracking here, don't worry, I'll let you have the last word after this as you clearly like to do. I can take that stance, when you've had experience of being in a management position, it's what you do to make the minions feel powerful. I don't see why difficulty levels would be a problem. Nearly every 'game' has them. Let's not forget this is a game isn't it? Amazing how we get so worked up over a game!
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