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  1. Will test with Middlesbrough, have a poor squad, should be good to see how it fairs with a team like this
  2. Knap, sorry if you have already stated somewhere but the 343 tactic, do you have the preferred/required attributes for each player? Cheers, looking to do a Middlesbrough save as they seem to always be relegated in every one else's saves!!
  3. What I like about this tactic is that you don't have to be a top 4 side to do well, just get the right players in and it makes a difference, or at least near to the right sort of player. i did find I conceded a lot from crosses to the near post. Greta tactic though mate
  4. This was the poor run in, but to be expected with all the good hard work done earlier on in the season.
  5. So that's the end of the season, and with 4 games to go Man City sacked Pep, i applied and got the job!! The next game was against.......Middlesbrough!! haha, of all the games! So yes i jumped ship but who wouldn't. So using your tactic with Middlesbrough i easily staved off relegation even if the run in produced bad results, we shipped goals and lost a fair few, but considering we were one of the favs for the drop this tactic really did work and to be fair we overachieved. The last 4 games with City we won, easily, so looking forward to this season, with a massive transfer budget i've already been able to bring in Deli Ali and Jordan Henderson to boost the number of English players. So now to see how this tactic fairs with a top side expected to win everything!!
  6. So thats a quarter of the season left roughly and im on 41 points and im saying safe!!! Brilliant tactic, cheers
  7. Great tactic mate, considering i'm 3 points off europe!! But as they say, long way to go yet, will update around the 26/27 games played mark. Just hoping to survive, and so far 10 points from it !! Cheers
  8. So half way through the season, very happy with the way things are going, good results at home to Man City and Arsenal, winning in both but ending up drawing, seem to do enough against teams in and around me, we have lots of shots, just cant always convert them, but that will be down to the players i have as forwards, hoping to upgrade in Jan if the board releases a tad more money!!
  9. Finding it a bit mixed at the moment to be fair the results are no more than to be expected with our team as we are predicted to go down, but having some success, will keep going and see where we are half way through
  10. Will give this a go with a new Middlesbrough save, yet to find a tactic that works with newly promoted team expecting to get relegated, knapps didnt work so will give this a go, will update with results
  11. Sorry for the stupid question - but what are PPM's? And can they be changed? What ever they are?! Again, sorry for stupid question time!! cheers
  12. Congrats Hough, Im getting married this Sat, 1st March, hope all went well
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