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  1. Preferred League: Any except England Financial information: Good, with decent transfer budget Expected position: Potential and pushing for Champions League in first season Training/youth facilities: Don't matter. Any team that is pushing for european football in first season. Not in England.
  2. Nation: England, France, Germany, Italy Division: Top Division European Competition: Have quality to push for Europe in 1st season Media Prediction: Don't care Board Expectation(s): Don't care Transfer Budget: Good amount of money to get players Wage Budget: Don't care Finances: Don't care Other: Not Southampton, Everton.
  3. Hello! I love the guides and all the stuff regarding the team posted here. I was thinking of starting Napoli but I could not find any for FM 14. Can anyone link me to one or any guide from any other side? Its okay if there really isn't. Thanks!
  4. First of all, TargetMan alone doesn't work well. You can set Lukaku as AdvanceForward which will work better. I see your tempo is "Higher" and you are adapting a Possession strategy. You might want to set it Lower for better ball possession. Hassle Opponents will make your players try press alot and win the ball back which will leave them out of position and leave you exploited.
  5. Hello! So I just started a Nottingham Forest save. First time I am managing a a second division team, and it really is fun. My tactic, however isn't. It just isn't working. I concede alot of goals. I barely won a friendly match (played 7, won 1). I conceded 7 goals on my first match of the season. Need advice and suggestions on the tactic: Thanks!
  6. Actually I did not use this single tactic the whole season. i played this against teams I was confident of beating, and I did (surprisingly). I mostly used a 5-3-2 Possession based tactic agagainst big teams and well, whadya know, I am in CL! Anyways, thanks for the suggestion Brock. Will look into my tactic
  7. Okay so I am in my second season managing Southampton and I am in Champions Cup football. So I spent the entire previous season with this tactic and it was a win-win for me! My start to the second season was also good, not managing any losses but I did get some draws. However, recently this tactic just isn't quite working out for me. My team concedes even from the relegation-teams and I end up losing. Here's my tactic: Please do advise what I should do regarding the tactic. I am willing to completely make a new tactic if required. Thanks
  8. I was so into this save, now I have to find another one :/ Thanks Neil, appreciate the work!
  9. My game crashes after start of transfer window of 2nd season (January 1, 2015). I have tried everything (very cache, delete Preferences etc) and still no luck. It always crashes at the particular date. Savegame name: zeeeksaint.fm Crashdump file name: zeeeksaint.dmp Steps: Advance Game Transfer window opens Advance Game again Game crashes Thanks!
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