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  1. Thats the 1st thing i did mate but thats a different pack from what this guy is talking about, there is no mesh folder with Fez's pack. But going back to those intructions i dint have much joy, like i said i got the patterns to work but no pitch texture changes. Although on some screens like the pre match screen where the camera would zoom around a bit at low level i could notice some damp spots. But as soon as the game starts and im back to my normal choice of camera mode (tv) the pitch looks the same as before but with patterns. Did you get this to work yourself? Also it says to put the pitch folder into the mesh folder, im guessing its the pitch folder thats inside the downloaded mesh folder right? and not the pitch folder from within the textures folder?
  2. It should go in the documents folder. Just incase you aren't doing so make sure to clear cache and reload skin.
  3. I tried to get it working yesterday but not much changed, i got the pitch patterns in game but the textures seem the same as before maybe a tad darker. Whats funny though is now i cant get rid of the patterns whether i have the mod installed or not.
  4. Im a member of that group but im not finding instructions for fm18.
  5. Hi i'm finding the current pitch textures way too bright, do modded pitch textures from fm 17 etc work with fm18? After checking the install instructions i cannot locate the folder where instructed to place the downloaded files so im guessing things have changed. Is it still possible to change the pitch textures, i never felt the need before but the current textures are killing my eyes.
  6. Is it just me or is criticise conduct bugged atm. I have some players behaving casual in training so trying to use this feature but when i say something i get nothing back at all just blank. Praising conduct seems to work fine though.
  7. I'm having some issues with scouting myself too. I had 2 back 2 back promotions with leyton orient so for this season my team could really do with 2-3 improvements. Yet when i use the scouting options to find 1st team players in specific (currently weak positions at my club) my scouts find nothing. My wage budget is very tight as ive kept hold of nearly all the players i started the save with so i increased my scouting package to one step higher than my division in the hope it will help my scouts find some players yet i get NADA still. Im not even being fussy with roles as this is set to any. When i check the players list there is tons of players on there but yet i feel like im paying my scouts for nothing even after replacing my scouts with better ones i get nothing.
  8. Meaning the reviewer, If reviewed FM in the past will not have to spend as much time going over the game because 90% you can copy and paste from last year.
  9. Tbh a review of FM should be easy to do as not much changes every year apart from the odd new addition they add. So you arent really needed to review the whole game as much as just reviewing the new addition's. It took me literally 5 minutes of playing fm18 to know most of what its about, good and bad.
  10. I have a question regarding board interaction when it comes to paying for coaches to study for badges. There is 2 option you can choose to interact with which to me both seem the same. Either you can choose to "We should improve the quality coaching at the club by finding a course for ...." and there is " We should fund a course for (insert name) to help him improve as a coach". Call me silly but arent they both kinda saying the same thing? EDIT; butchered up your original post trying to edit out the longer quote in my reply to this- sorry
  11. Yea its nothing that bothers me tbh because the user shouldn't be doing it in the 1st place.
  12. To me its silly all round, why would anyone offer out a guy for 0 and pay all his wages unless he was (unhappy and causing issues in the changing room at worst) but on the other hand why wouldn't any big club take a great player risk free. I mean they could just buy him and sell him later even if they didn't want him as they arent paying a penny for him (fee or wage wise). There is some reasons that spring to mind why clubs wouldn't bother to make an offer but at the end of the day a bargain is a bargain and these bargains would be stupid to pass up upon. Kinda like someone offering you a top of the range car for free even insurance and fuel payed but you turn it down because you already have a similar car.
  13. NVM i found it you was right... you need to create an assignment go to team then ongoing analyst report. Lucky i bumped into this thread since i got the new guy he's been payed to do literally nothing and its been half a season already . lol
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