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  1. Great info thanks and you are correct the conduct chats didn't seem to do anything, after continuing my save not playing them didn't seem to remove that text but i did notice as one of the said players aged and lost quality i moved him to the reserves and now that text has finally gone from said player. Im not sure if the lower squad expected playing time did the trick or the spell in the reserves or both.
  2. I searched the forum and there is nothing on this at all and nothing in the game manual, does nobody have any idea?
  3. When loooking at my players happiness screen i have a couple of players with the negative "doesnt take much notice of his position as a highly influential player within the dressing room" . Are these the kind of players that will have a negative effect on the squads personality? if so is there any way to solve it apart from having to sell the players which being highly influential could cause issues in its self. I tried criticising conduct a few times which they seem to agree too but after 3 seasons they still show this negative.
  4. I've only played with lower league teams now for many many years as i always found being my fav club Arsenal or any other half decent club was always too easy so in a way feel forced to manage at a MUCH lower level. Highest league ive probably started in is league 2 in the last 10+ years. Although this helps i do miss managing some of the big guns and if anything if your plan is to take a very small club all the way into the CL then in many ways the small club route ends up being much worse once you get there. Once you have that many seasons to build the squad by yourself you will soon realise that the AI squads get worse while yours obviously gets better meaning once you reach your target of CL with a small club after some years getting there, it ends up being easier than if you started with a big team in the 1st place. So although its an answer to manage smaller clubs and start lower but in the long run this can very easily make the end situation even worse.
  5. Now you mention it I think you are right about it being something to do with the welcoming period, i did try to choose the least influential choice if i remember right but i did have him welcomed by the captain. And does seem that the drop happens just as the welcome period ends.
  6. Yea thats what i was fearing that i would have to do something drastic as a big squad change to help 1 player and it being a LLM long term save there is far more important areas the club needs money spent on than players personalitys at this stage. The guy is only influential but is mentoring players in the group below that but i think the problem is his age- 22. Seems pointless signing players that age based on their personality unless you have someone already at the club ready to mentor him to help him stop getting spoiled.
  7. Thanks for the input i would love a further answer though as its put my save on hold for a while now which is shame, the guy was meant to be future captain and all i have done is try workarounds and not played the actual game
  8. I signed a player for his personailty, Hes much better than the player he was replacing but still i could have chosen better players but his personailty made the difference for me. I have no other players with this mentality to be able to mentor him so i made him a mentor himself as to try to influence rather than do nothing and get influenced. I sent him on leadership course i made him captain, tryed the various "praise conduct" but no matter what i seem to try there is no way of stopping him going from perfectionist to semi professional in just little over a month of being at the club. Is there really no way to stop this?
  9. I know he will join as you said it says in the scout report, i knew he would join last season too, but what i don't know atm is whether he will wait for me at the end of his contract or not as last season i lost out as he re-signed with a month to go. What im guessing is , is that you will maybe offer an idea or pre contract if you will of what the player expects to be getting at your club wages/playtime which then can make it more difficult for his parent club to negotiate with him as now he has a better idea of what he could be getting elsewhere.
  10. This although sounded like a very small improvement not worth hardly even reading at 1st but in reality im at the stage in my save where its nearing the end of the season and my transfer target has 3 months left on his contract and i have NO IDEA whether he will renew or not and i either have to take a punt and pay some cash up front to garantee i get him or take a gamble and wait 2-3 months to see if i can get him for free in the hope that his club do not renew his contract. At the time of trying to make my desicion with the player seemingly sitting right infront of me i did think for a minute instead of having to wait a few months for the answer wouldnt it be nice if i could just ask him right now so we have some kind of idea. So yea although understandbly it might not be a feature that gets people pumped at 1st sight im pretty sure its a feature that if done right could end up being very helpfull.
  11. For me this would tick one of the boxes of huge (few) improvements FM has needed for a long while now. As a player that prefers longer LLM saves its very obvious to see the ai squads dumbing down the longer you go on whilst on the other hand your squad obviously gets better and better the longer you have to work on it making the game easier as you go. An improvement in this area would be the best news by a mile compared to the other fluff thats been announced but its not even mentioned once? I just really hope you are right and we get to hear more on this. i do have a slight doubt though because from what i noticed since the medical center was intoduced it hasnt stopped the AI choosing some extremely unfit players in their lineups still, I do hope i'm wrong and you are right for sure though.
  12. This used to urk me back when i used to care more about the game. The 3d ME is still arguably Si's biggest addition to the game but has been around now for years yet there where murmurs back then for them to keep on improving it but atleast back then "it was a good start". But we had people like this chiming in saying most dont play in 3d so its a waste of time to improve it, move a few years on and look at the histeria regarding the ME now days yet they still try to claim this noncence. Its EXACTLY the same when people ask for better match sounds/atmosphere. Most claim they play with sound off so it would be a waste of time but as we see even more now with covid around and empty stadiums its clear how much we miss the atmospheres inside stadiums on match day yet for some reason people shoot down imo a very logical suggestion and for sure by now in 2020 theres no excuse to completetly ignore that area. But its fine we rather see some new hearts added than have a stadium atmosphere that gets the heart pumping before a big game...... Edit. Also think Si missed a trick here i mean what a selling point it could have been this year especially to state FM is bringing back the fans to the grounds!
  13. Make a friendly vs your under 23/b team, use the scroll down menu of the players you want to make them available for that teams next match. Im sometimes finding a bug though where if i have a 1st team match players are sometimes not available for other squad matches as it shows they already played that day before they have. So you may need to move the players into that squad for this match if this bug occurs and you should have what you want
  14. But this forum is still popular as we see in this thread so people do still come here but interest seems to die down far far sooner than it used to and the place becomes a ghost town not that long after a new release.
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