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  1. I know he will join as you said it says in the scout report, i knew he would join last season too, but what i don't know atm is whether he will wait for me at the end of his contract or not as last season i lost out as he re-signed with a month to go. What im guessing is , is that you will maybe offer an idea or pre contract if you will of what the player expects to be getting at your club wages/playtime which then can make it more difficult for his parent club to negotiate with him as now he has a better idea of what he could be getting elsewhere.
  2. This although sounded like a very small improvement not worth hardly even reading at 1st but in reality im at the stage in my save where its nearing the end of the season and my transfer target has 3 months left on his contract and i have NO IDEA whether he will renew or not and i either have to take a punt and pay some cash up front to garantee i get him or take a gamble and wait 2-3 months to see if i can get him for free in the hope that his club do not renew his contract. At the time of trying to make my desicion with the player seemingly sitting right infront of me i did think for a minut
  3. For me this would tick one of the boxes of huge (few) improvements FM has needed for a long while now. As a player that prefers longer LLM saves its very obvious to see the ai squads dumbing down the longer you go on whilst on the other hand your squad obviously gets better and better the longer you have to work on it making the game easier as you go. An improvement in this area would be the best news by a mile compared to the other fluff thats been announced but its not even mentioned once? I just really hope you are right and we get to hear more on this. i do have a slight doubt though be
  4. This used to urk me back when i used to care more about the game. The 3d ME is still arguably Si's biggest addition to the game but has been around now for years yet there where murmurs back then for them to keep on improving it but atleast back then "it was a good start". But we had people like this chiming in saying most dont play in 3d so its a waste of time to improve it, move a few years on and look at the histeria regarding the ME now days yet they still try to claim this noncence. Its EXACTLY the same when people ask for better match sounds/atmosphere. Most claim they play with sound of
  5. Make a friendly vs your under 23/b team, use the scroll down menu of the players you want to make them available for that teams next match. Im sometimes finding a bug though where if i have a 1st team match players are sometimes not available for other squad matches as it shows they already played that day before they have. So you may need to move the players into that squad for this match if this bug occurs and you should have what you want
  6. I haven't been there so ill take you up on that advice thanks.
  7. But this forum is still popular as we see in this thread so people do still come here but interest seems to die down far far sooner than it used to and the place becomes a ghost town not that long after a new release.
  8. FM has been growing over the years for sure partly because football itself has grown more on tv and also because SI/Sega has branched out more making the game available in more places than ever before. This for me is part reason why SI got a little lazy but also if your growing then its ofc more risk to change a working formula. But for sure what seems to be happening is the fan base is becoming much more casual and over the years FM has been losing its hardcore fanbase. Just look at these forums years ago this place used to be about 10x busier than it is now
  9. Long gone are the days where i buy FM at release which is something i did religiously from the very 1st CM. The biggest issue being the ME has been lacking for MANY years now which kills alot of the fun for me. Don't get me wrong i do very well in game too well infact but i feel its more because i understand the ME more over the years and what its trying to tell me but it does a very very poor job in doing so hence why a ton of people complain about what they see their players doing on the pitch. Yes the issue would be 99% of the time their tactic but thats the problem the ME does a terrible
  10. Is there nothing on this at all??? same issue, i have an under 23 squad but i get no invitation to a league is this save doomed on that front, will it fix itself or can i fix it myself via purchasing the ingame editor and doing something there?
  11. Its not definitive but the feeling i get is that higher stars = faster progression, where as less workload = less injurys. I always go with the latter myself.
  12. I have the same issue but it extends a little further. If the main squad has a match the same day as my under 18s then players in my under 23's will also not be allowed to play for the under 18s as "they already played that day" which makes it weirder as the under 23s dont have a match all week hence i want them to help out the under 18s sometimes. Work around is to put them in the squads yourself but that messes up mentoring etc.
  13. Hi Rashidi that was my dilema at the time, because i had a match pretty much every other day my training schedule consisted of only rest recovery and match prep so imo giving them half intensity training made no sense to me as it would mean they recover and rest less if thats all the training i had at the time. This also kinda changed the way i trained my players after a match, If training after a match was just rest and recovery then i now leave the low conditioned players at normal levels so they can fully benefit from the rest and recovery slots. If condition is still low after the rest day
  14. Does age play any part for mentors? i have a 23 year old full back who is developing well and is driven would having him as a mentor slow down his own progress in any way? he's in the core group and shows up as average influence and the guys he would be mentoring show as light influence but are played in different positions as i am only aiming for the personalities to change of the "balanced" light influenced guys. I kind of get the feeling that mentors should be players at or close to their peak but hopefully im wrong.
  15. If im using a tactic/formation that is quite open vs a good side i would play disciplined, If im using a tactic/formation that is a little conservative vs a team im expected to beat well i would play more expressive. Depends on how much you think the opposition will punish any mistakes or if that extra freedom is needed vs a team with little threat.
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